Five tips for buying a home: how to trade and whom to believe

18.10.2010 00:03
Beginning in search of a cottage in the current time of crisis, you should definitely observe a few important principles, without which the deal could turn into a continuous hassle. There is a chance of losing money and housing. Solve the problem with buying a country house, not only without loss, but also benefit from help five simple but useful tips.

Tip One: bargain ...
All processes in the town market place for the most part a tete-a-tete, especially in the current difficult time. Haggling is now not just possible but mandatory in person, and the discount can reach significant values. On ready cottages prices decline substantially less than unfinished. "Overall, to date, prices for many projects in fact reduced by 20-30%", - says Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company "RealEkspo.

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In this case, Victor Kovalenko adds that the greatest decrease was observed, as you might guess, the illiquid and bad projects - what is called a "potential unfinished.

Tip Two: to reduce the risk to a minimum
Buying an unfinished object now looks the most risky transaction. The fact that many suburban projects based on the principle of "first house, then communication": water, electricity, gas, sewerage appear much later in the village of themselves cottages. And today, nobody can say in advance how many will have to wait for that moment when the house would be to live: in fact for that all homes should be bought, finished, and then the developer must still find the money to summarize all communications.

The main advice to those who dared to move out of town at the present time: the house must be in a high degree of readiness. Or, better yet, completely ready for living, and communication in the village were instituted.

Tip three: consider the trade-in
Alternative transaction, so common in urban real estate market (where one house sold, and bought another, and both transactions take place in one day), on a suburban market have not yet been widely adopted. But now starting to emerge proposals such as service trade-in, yet more familiar to us in the car market.

However, unlike the car market, where new car is always bought with a surcharge on the cottage market three options:

Option 1: a city apartment and a house - the objects of equal prices,
Option 2: the house is more expensive apartment (if the buyer pay the difference)
3 options: more expensive apartment building (then the company picked a more expensive area or provide the customer with additional services of designers, planners, landscape designers, etc. to the required amount of difference).

The question of such "offsets" individual, emphasizes Victor Kovalenko, since the real estate market there is separation of the segments. As per an elite apartment you can buy 3 houses an economy class, and for the elite cottage may have to pay several apartments.

But in the case of comparable class and its purpose of real estate to fully direct exchange difficult. But exchange for a fee - the most common variant, which is realized in the market.

It tells Victor Kovalenko, many market participants are considering the introduction of programs such as crisis management step. In any case, will reasonably and correctly, adds Victor Kovalenko, call the company "RealEkspo" and to clarify whether the company to assist with the sale of apartments.

Tip Four: The search for favorable conditions
These include long-term rental home-purchase, installment payments over several years, reduced rate loans - everything depends on the imagination of the builder. According to Victor Kovalenko, many builders during the crisis offer installment payments for a period of 6 months to 2 years old with low rates.

Some companies offer customers preferential exchange rate at 2009 levels.

Tip Five: The property valuation should be independent
The main problem of such exchange that the country market experts are rarely well-versed in the market town, and vice versa. Small company that has branches, equally well in all market segments, so that your transaction will probably take two realtor, a lawyer and another independent appraiser.

Naturally, the company may (and probably will) offer their assessment of your property. But for sure that this price is fair, it's better to ask for a document on the assessment of an apartment to an independent appraiser.

And of course, not to be mistaken with a choice must be clear about the price situation in the country market, the dynamics and current state of prices, the spread on fields, segments and types of housing. This you can read on our portal under Analytics.
Victor Kovalenko

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