Five bribe get stung on the ground in March

29.03.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Five bribe get stung on the ground in March During March, prosecutors Kharkiv region opened five criminal cases related to illegal machinations of the earth.

On this March 28 at the briefing, the chief of investigation department of the Kharkiv region prosecutor Alexander Babikov.

"We had time to gather material, with sufficient evidence to legalize and move into the active stage and to institute criminal proceedings", - said Babikov.

He also said that more than half the cases, which this year prosecutor's office opened on the fact of bribery related to the allocation of land.

Just in the last week of two village heads in the Kharkov region put behind bars for taking bribes.

First case: bribe the head of soviet Old Saltiv, which received 180 000 UAH. the allocation of land.

Another incident occurred in the village Kulinichi. Chapter soviet received a bribe of $ 10 thousand dollars for the allocation of more than 10 hectare of land. The man was caught red-handed while receiving the last part of this amount.

Of the twenty-related criminal cases to give bribes, which this year opened a prosecutor, more than half belong to the sphere of land relations.

The main mass is related to the allocation of land of village councils outside the settlements.

"This woodland, land in the coastal waters and so on. In some cases, there was a sign-making session of the Council were not taken ", - said Babikov.

Basically, he said, such cases were recorded in Dergachevsky, Chuguyivske and Kharkov districts.

Chief of Investigation Department also said that this year has increased the size of a bribe, which now amounts to 15 thousand hryvnia.

This is due to the fact that now the main task of the prosecutor's office is to identify the major accepted bribes.
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