Fitosteny in your home: an unusual and eco-friendly

06.02.2013 10:50
Articles about real estate | Fitosteny in your home: an unusual and eco-friendly Plants in the house is always pleasing to the eye and adjust on a positive outlook on life. Not necessarily to allocate space for the greenhouse or conservatory, recently gaining popularity and fitosteny. Such landscaping and possibly a small area. It's no secret that the live plants in the house - it's part of nature, which helps to relax, find a balance. Fitostena - dense vertical wall covering live plants. Sometimes used not walls, and columns, arches, and other elements of the complex premises or simply design a kind of picture. But in any case this is a huge opportunity in the field of interior design, as a cascade of flowing green decorate any room. Sometimes a house just turns into the jungle. "Jungle require the least maintenance," pad "also need regular trimming and shaping the crown, frequent repotting. Visual possibilities wall greens are quite large, but most of all they are suitable for those who like the natural growth of plants, lush thickets "- emphasizes Anistratenko Assia, CEO of" Plants. " However, according to Vladimir Nehoroshkina, manager configuration ART Studio Design & Construction, many prefer subdued style: smooth shaved fitosteny or imitating vineyards. Natalia Legotina, CEO of his own architectural office and decorator, said that fitosteny now become a serious alternative to winter gardens. They are often used as an excellent tool as zoning and original features.

The so-called vertical gardens decorate any space. They look great in the living room, dining room, children. In fitosteny has other advantages. Lack of soil in the system eliminates house dust. A well-designed fitostena can replace humidifier and air purifier, it absorbs noise, releases oxygen. Some plants have a health fitontsidnymi properties.

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The very idea fitosteny appeared long ago. The origin can be considered the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Later delightful composition of plants decorated the gardens of Versailles. These were the trellises, pergolas, trellis. Further basket plant started to penetrate into living rooms of rich people. While vertical gardening called the composition of horizontal trays, pots mounted on the vertical frame of each other.

The very notion fitosteny appeared in the early 90's of the last century by Frenchman Patrick Blanc, who patented his discoveries. Inspired by the tropical forest, he created fitosteny design, which is based on waterproof plastic frame, is attached to the wall. It links up with the pockets of special fabric, in which the plants are planted. There is also a system of pipes, pump, timer, lighting equipment, etc. But the Russian company Rastenia, specializing in creating fitosten, has developed its own technology. The basis of it is hydroponics - growing plants without soil, the nutrient solution.

With fitostenami loved experimenting English garden artists - wife Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. They are the first to create carpets of flowers and lawn grasses. In fact, of course, the carpet - not a wall, but the technology is the same.

Organization fitosteny

Experts advise to use undemanding plants and those that grow well on vertical surfaces, such as ferns, begonias, ivy. Graceful leaves of asparagus or soleyrolii can decorate in a modern style, and a pronounced shape and color of the leaves and anthurium Guzman will take root in the interior in the style of hi-tech.

Fitosteny very easy to clean. Usually they are equipped with an automatic device watering on a "smart home". It is only necessary from time to time pour water into a container. But this is true of care, not production and installation.

Natalia Legotina not recommended for production fitosteny, notwithstanding the abundance of instructions on the Internet. "This is due to the fact that their creation requires a mass of expertise, including what plants can grow together and which are absolutely not what the temperature should be maintained and the lighting in the room where they are located or other plants and etc . Moreover, self-made fitosteny can sin against the aesthetic characteristics. Fitosteny still - it is a complex agro engineering designs requiring serious professional approach to development and implementation. Typically, they are equipped with an automatic watering device, working on a "smart home" and put on a "subscription service", provides a monthly inspection systems specialist. It is unlikely that someone would think to design and install a system of "smart home" in your home, so why go to a professional in the area of ​​phyto design? "

"Fitosteny - piece of engineered products, they are made to order, under the conditions of a particular size and interior. Therefore, they are quite expensive, as agrotechnical device requiring each time developing from scratch "- explains Asya Anistratenko.

Fitostena or conservatory?

Fitostena, according to Natalia Legotina, has a number of advantages over the winter garden: it requires less space and can be placed anywhere in the apartment, they also provide endless possibilities in design and decor. But it also has a significant drawback - the cost. It is quite expensive.

However, you can use fitostenu part. So, Natalie Legotina says that in one of the ongoing projects use it now, installation, combining elements fitosteny with fountain. "Our installation is a pretty massive wall construction, which was based on a waterfall, complete with a wall-mounted plants. Proper lighting is used in the production and design of natural materials make the interior of the center of the fountain of the living area. "

So fitostena - a luxury, but by creating an original design, nothing is impossible, and, in addition, always be aware of current trends and opportunities.
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