First floor apartments: Who wants to live below?

15.10.2010 00:01
Articles about real estate | First floor apartments: Who wants to live below? As you know, on the first floor Khrushchev live primarily disabled and elderly people, as well as those who simply could not afford a more expensive apartment. Live literally in their eyes "at passers uncomfortable and uncomfortable. In this room on the first floor of the New Business Class in a good area would be more expensive than the apartment several floors above. Although lately the first floors are increasingly Lying to offices, beauty salons, pharmacies and cafes.

The Soviet legacy
Today, people in possession of surplus funds, will be unlikely to buy an apartment on the first floor of a house. From the windows open is not the best views on the clogged yard, street bins, garages, etc. Often the first floor windows of typical houses are so low that passing on the street, people can see into the apartment, so you have even a day to keep the windows tightly curtained . Due to poor insulation in the yard of the house people can hear everything that happens in apartments on the first floor. Yes, and breathe into them almost nothing, especially if the windows look out on the roadway. In addition, first floor tenants have to put on the window grating. All this contributes to the demand for apartments, located on the first floor of the old housing stock.

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In the modern solid, brick, and even prefabricated houses many of the disadvantages of the first floor on the wane. For example, the windows are high enough so that none of them looks. Sound and heat insulation is also much better than in Soviet homes. This leaves only the physically irremovable option - lack of panoramic views.

However, the cost of apartments on the first floor depends primarily on the house. "In homes built during the Soviet period, the first floor are always lowers the price. Quality of socialist construction was such that pulling out of the basement cold, you can hear doors slamming driveway, talking in the courtyard. On the ground floor of a very low level of insolation, so these apartments most dark and uncomfortable because of the bars on the windows and growing nearby bushes and trees ", - says Mikhail Kulikov, Director, Secondary market" Inkom-real estate. "

Now select floor - a matter of taste or prestige. If the house is situated in a quiet location overlooking the park, park, pond, etc., it is almost certain there will be many people wishing to lower floors. "And someone just afraid of heights, and therefore does not want to buy an apartment on the upper floors. Earlier on higher floors have a problem of poor water pressure or non-working elevators, but in modern homes Engineering Consideration is usually in detail and in accordance with the requirements of the times ", - said Irina Romanova, Head of Marketing CC" Pioneer ".

Individual approach
According to her, now each individual developer builds its pricing policies depending on the object, so there is no guarantee that the value of, for example, "odnushki" on the ground floor will be significantly different from similar apartments a few meters above. "There are instances when all the apartments in the complex are approximately the same, regardless of the floor. But at the same price per square meter can vary significantly depending on the species characteristics and the square footage of apartments ", - says Irina Romanova. Thus, the LCD "Lazarevskoye in South Butovo selling prices are set so that the cost per square meter depends only on the area of the apartment and its location (the side of light, specific characteristics). That is flat on the lower floors are for "square" as much as on the top, ceteris paribus. For example, a 5-room flat area of 104.5 square meters. m 2 nd floor is 105 thousand rubles per sq. m, the same apartment a little smaller area - 102.7 square meters. m - 5 th, 8 th, 13 th floor is 108 thousand rubles per sq. m, and the same area of 103 square meters. m on the 22-th floor with panoramic windows, worth 115 thousand rubles per sq. m

But all this applies mainly to economy class. In objects in another format value of the apartments is in direct or inverse depending on the floor. For example, flat on the ground floor of an old Khrushchev would cost much cheaper than the others. A room on the first floor of the New Business Class in a good area is more expensive. A similar situation occurs with high floors. Housing on the top floor of a nine-panel always on sale. "In homes built during the Soviet period, the apartments on the top floor on 5-15% cheaper than the others. There is often a leaking roof. As a result, dampen and falls off stucco from the ceiling, loose wallpaper, in particularly severe cases could remain without electricity - water flooded electrical panels. These woes of residents of recent stories related to the gross violations of building codes for roofing work, the choice of inappropriate materials, as well as the unfortunate design decision ", - says Mikhail Kulikov. At the same time, the apartments on the upper floors of luxury homes in the segment of the business class are more expensive. The difference in price between the apartments of the same area and located in the same house can reach, depending on the floor, about 15-20%.

Ground floor? Offer!
According to experts, the first floor today is interesting, including those in the future, these areas translates to non-fund (for use as an office). "In this case, the advantage enjoyed the apartment, located on the first floor, preferably in a" straight form "spot on the first line of houses (depending on the destination of the future office)", - says Alexey Shlenov, managing director of MIEL-Brokerage. According to him, the cost of acreage commercial property located on the first floor, about 5-10% higher than the price of residential apartments, located on the middle floors in these homes.

In this case, the first floors, uninteresting from the standpoint of commercial real estate, usually located in houses located in residential areas, no pedestrian traffic. "On the ground floors are often the enterprise of public services, shops, beauty salons, pharmacies, cafes, etc. Popular with the acquisition of non-residential investment purposes: for subsequent lease", - added in the NDV-Real Estate. Thus, in the district Tsaritsyno first floors are reserved for non-residential premises. Prices per square meter starts at 80 thousand rubles. per square. m

But it is rather an exception to the rule. In most cases the location of the apartment is on the ground floor it is desirable to the buyer of advanced age, if a house is not equipped with an elevator. Also, buyers of apartments in the basement can be people who do not have sufficient funds to acquire more liquid housing. Others prefer to "climb higher".
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