Finland to build the tallest sand castle

30.06.2019 01:00
In July, the highest sand castle in the world will be erected in Lappeenranta (Finland). If everything grows together, it will turn out approximately from a six-story house and will be included in the Guinness Book of Records. Finland to build the tallest sand castleFor a record to be counted, builders of a sand castle cannot resort to the help of supporting structures: all beauty should be done exclusively from sand and water.

Build the 18-meter sand castle entrusted to the sculptor Kimmo Frosti. Together with six craftsmen, he began this in June.

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Visually, the castle will be a cone with a base diameter of 22 meters. It will take about 4,000 tons of sand. The material will be delivered, including from Milan and Athens.

Building a castle is a Lappeenranta tradition. The next instance will be the fifteenth in history, but all its predecessors were not above 10 meters and did not claim a record. Now the highest sand castle in the world is considered to be 16.68-meter sculpture in Duisburg (Germany).

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