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Articles about real estate | Few masters of the house and fenshue HOST. His sector of north-west, element - metal. This sector affects the men in your life. He is responsible for the protection of powerful people and form factors of the external well-being of the family.

It is obvious that, as in the case of the sector mistress, his clutter completely unacceptable. Remember that the harmony of external and internal harmony of the whole construction. And if the southwest is responsible for the internal harmony of the family, the north-west is responsible for the family in the outside world. Your career growth is also directly connected with the sector. Trash in this sector has led to continuing problems at work, strained relationships with superiors, and disruptions in many endeavors.

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The base color sector - white. Justified the use of golden and silver colors are possible, and earth tones (yellow-brown gamma). Undesirable in this sector blue-blue, green and pink and red palette.

The main symbol of good luck for the north-west is the bell. The rich Chinese clans in this sector necessarily kept a family heirloom - a golden bell. It is obvious that very few people can afford to be the bell of pure gold, but it does not matter. With equal success, you can use and simple Valdai bells or any other metal. Can be used and trendy right now, metal tubes. Can have a huge impact bell - sea bell, which beat flasks. You decide what to call. The main thing that the sound was beautiful and he liked the bell to you.

Bell symbolizes the connection with the patron in virtually all religious traditions around the world. His ringing cleans the space from the contagion of energy and gives an atmosphere of musical. There is even an expression - ringing the air when a person wants to express its impeccable cleanliness and freshness. So that the bell will do you good anyway.

In addition to the bell place in this sector regalia and symbols wins the head of the family. Honorary certificates, diplomas, prizes, gifts and other items related to its success, will maintain this success in the future. Remarkable influence and photographs in which the head of the family chronicled in his zenith, or at the peak of his success. Absolutely not hurt and just a good portrait. Will be successful and items related to the family of the host (for an artist - an easel, a businessman - the first earned ruble, for the officer - that weapons, etc.). Even if the owner does not belong to a caste war, but he likes guns, then north-west - the best place for the collection of weapons and other trophies. Computer, TV or stereo system, too, will benefit from the northwest. And people with taste can be recommended to use in the design sector, decorative objects made of metal or metal furniture.

As in the case of the south-western sector, is appropriate to use archetypes. First we need to emphasize the factor of male power, that it is always accompanied his master, and all the men in the house. In addition to the images of brave heroes or gods here to find their place pictures bell towers, pagodas, towers and minarets. Very symbolic that the mountain people, in whose families than anywhere else survived the understanding and cultivation of masculinity, there is a predilection for architectural towers. In addition, the words of God and the Temple of traditionally masculine and involve upward movement. So, pictures of beautiful temple, too, give you strength male sector of your apartment.

It is very important presence in this sector and the image of the spiritual mentor and patron. Here the history of mankind offers just unlimited choice among the saints, sages and prophets. Appropriate use of icons, portraits and statues. Acceptable to use the symbols of wisdom and strength. Patron is a very important part of your movement through life.

Importance of this sector and for single women. Them in this sector must be placed on the image (portrait, statue or other) of a life partner, which draws their imaginations. You can use pictures of real chosen one, if any, and if not, then its prototype. But we want to warn the lovely women of idealization of the desired male. Remember that the princes are looking for princesses. Furthermore, in pursuit of an ideal, people often pass by his true love. Symbol is always a symbol and a living person much more difficult any character or principle.

But even if the woman lives alone and absolutely does not need a wife, then setting the northwest sector is needed. It is necessary to build support from influential people and forces around the world. Patronage may be useful in many situations. Why should they ignore? Elements of the settings remain the same - the bell, the male image, a symbol of success, patron, etc.

All in your hands, dear woman. Peace ill matriarchy, and it should be considered. Achieve fantastic success, but remember that only the presence of two poles creates life. Cultivating a woman, help to grow and male.

MISTRESS. South-western sector - a sector of the hostess. This sector is responsible for the condition of the family hearth. It generates the energy of warmth and coziness. If the sector is harmonious, anyone entering the house will feel very good. All members of the family thought the house would cause a state of joy and quiet confidence. From such homes do not run neither men nor women nor children. Pets in a house long-lived for the joy of their owners. And good luck accompany all living things (unless of course there is no other damaging circumstances).

Analysis of the southwestern sector (as, indeed, any other) begins with an assessment of its clutter. Obviously, the filth and clutter completely not conducive to harmony in the family. This applies not only to the external environment, but also the content of the cabinets, closets, attics, loggias and balconies. If in a battle with the disorder will win the last, the next steps practically meaningless. When this sector is trashed and includes a bathroom, a housewife feels constantly tired. And when the hard mistress, and the rest seriously. So get down to cleaning facilities and induces perfect order and cleanliness.

The element of the south-western sector - land. And for the harmonization of the eektora used earth tones - all yellow-brown scale - and the colors of fire - all the pink-red spectrum. Unlikely that this sector was an excess of white, black, blue, blue, or green colors. This applies to the color of wallpaper, curtains, furniture upholstery. Also affected by any large items placed in this sector: the carpet, painting, lamp shade, floor lamp or a sconce. And if it turns out that before you read the article you have completed repairs and the color of the walls of the sector does not match the desired range, then with the help of furniture or decorative elements you may well be able to get an acceptable result. But even if you do not get the desired, coloring, then do not worry, there are other ways to customize.

Very good influence candles, located in this sector. Wonderful "works" pottery or decorative ceramics. Ceramic elephants and other symbols of the hearth, too, will bring great benefits. To a place in this sector will have a fireplace.

Very powerfully harmonizing space paintings, which are incorporated into the plot archetypes that shape human consciousness. Find the image of a woman who you think meets all the criteria for success, luck, beauty, health, power, etc. Look for among the living and historical figures. Mythical figures also acceptable, as the whole host of deities, created by mankind during its existence. Just remember that powerful image is transmitted to humans not only their quality but also infects him with his destiny. So try to avoid ranked canonized martyrs and refrain from provoking the appearance of stigmata. Use the images of those whose fate is known to you and pleasant in all respects.

In addition to direct hostess in this sector is desirable to place the image of women - Protecting nature. The strongest possible way is the Mother of God, but because it can be acceptable to representatives of non-Christian cultures, it seems more harmonious image of your grandmother or great-grandmother, whom everyone ancestors considered very wise and lucky woman. Possible to use other images, but in this case, remember the fate of their prototypes.

Interesting effect on the hostess has her own portrait, located in the southwest. If it is embodied by the hostess at the zenith of glory, happiness, beauty and success, these states (quality) accompany her to life more often. Strongly encouraged to forget about their favorite "soap-box (automatic camera) and make high-quality photograph or profecionalny (which may be even better) to order a portrait of this artist. In the case of photographic portraits, you can create a more dynamic and the setting, changing them as the seasons change or as the solution of certain problems.

However, the owner needs and the tools to achieve and reatizatsii his luck. They (or their images) are also desirable to mark the south-west sector. Here the creative possibilities are phenomenal, as each of you his own profession, their interests and their ideas about the tools for success. They can be represented symbolically. For example, if you think that you bring good luck is your favorite car, then place your photo here, where you're driving. Perhaps there will be a place for your favorite hat or a book to teach you to win.

But after the power and importance for the southwestern sector ranks first family portrait or picture. The image must be attended by all members of the family now living, laughing and rejoicing of life. If you do not have a family portrait, then individual photos you do not compensate, as some pictures indicates the division. Better not be lazy and make a family portrait. You surely will benefit. Hang a portrait of the south-west sector and do not forget to dust.


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