Feng Shui Tips for family harmony in the house

05.10.2010 00:01
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui Tips for family harmony in the house Compliance with the delicate balance of family harmony - the main door key to family happiness and prosperity. With simple tips to feng shui, we can easily improve the harmony in the family, which will bring luck for each family member. Here are three simple tips that will ensure compliance with the balance in the family:
Stairs to the center of the house to no good

If you build your own house, try not to place the ladder in the center. The worst possible version of feng shui - a spiral staircase, which, how-to "bumps" in the heart of the home. If even this is not avoidable, then a ladder in any case can not be done in red or green.

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Twin mattresses on Feng Shui lead to disharmony

This advice concerns a double bed, which is based on two separate beds or mattresses for sameynoy pair. According to feng shui, this leads to "sharing" couples. Be sure to buy a double bed if you are going to live with his half.

Do not decorate the toilet area

In today's world toilet should be small and inconspicuous. Avoid decorating a toilet with bright colors, colorful drawings, etc. Also, do not use the expressive colors and symbols in this part of the apartment.
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