Feng Shui: the construction of houses by the rules

09.09.2011 07:23
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui: the construction of houses by the rules Having decided to build a new house, a master of feng shui will begin with a captious find a suitable site. In any case he did not put the home on the crest of the mountain or on a high hill. When the house is open on all sides, the residents there is an alarming concern. Energy yang - in excess of yin - a lack, and their disharmony leads to boleznyam.Takoy House denied support, support, and therefore in the affairs of its owner will not succeed. Do not choose a master and a deep hollow: home, like a man should be free to look ahead without interference and obstacles. If the site is under construction in the city, he should not be placed on, say, T-junction or intersection of streets, other trouble can not count - fires, injury, destruction, disease and loss. Should not be built at the end of the impasse: in a house like this can happen conflicts, quarrels, litigation.

Of great importance is the orientation of houses on either side of the world. If a rectangular house (or flat) stretches from north to south - is a great joy: the family will live in happiness and wealth, to give birth to many children and grandchildren to babysit. But if the house is oriented rectangle from east to west, its inhabitants will be in difficulty, especially in the northern and southern sides.

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Form - like color, too, has the power. Bad when housing built by the letter P, especially if the crossbar is too thin and long - is threatening asthma. Energy enters into the opening, stagnant, with no way out, and the inhabitants of the house there is a feeling deadlock, frustration, futility of existence. Bad and the L-shaped house: energy flows hitting the inner corner, facing here. If this corner is the front door, there may be accidents and other troubles. Any concave surface acts as a receiver, pulling power. In such a house is better to live closer to the middle, but room to paint in light colors. Convex surfaces, in contrast, dissipate energy, so that the inner chambers are well protected. Generally, the ideal form for the house - a rectangle. But if you have a house "wrong", do not despair - you can fix it by breaking in "problem areas" flowerbed, garden or greenhouse.

If your home has missing corners of the house is below the road level area left of the house below the ground to the right, your house is sandwiched between the higher buildings - in addressing these problems in adjusting the adverse impact of such situations can help you lights.

Trees - they are known to be powerful energy field. Some species can even convert energy. But here, Feng Shui recommends that adhere to certain rules.

There should be no large trees in front of the entrance. They prevent the penetration into the house a positive - "Janska" - energy and will block out the negative - "Yin." You can not plant trees and between buildings in the courtyard: it brings misfortune. If the house looks to the south, the garden is better to arrange the east side. Do not try to "stick" little garden into a narrow corner, let him take a place behind the house. Try also to separate it from home. Well, if all along the walls of the house runs a greenhouse or a greenhouse - it will emphasize the "squareness" home. But the paths in the garden is better to make whimsical, meandering: straight as an arrow, the path to home is not allowed - too high pressure energy.

Water - a powerful force, absorbing and retaining energy. It cuts through all the other energy flows, so the neighborhood with her calls for caution. Water may be concerned about a variety of ways: to create a health problem, cause sexual dysfunction. Can harm and the house itself, eroding the foundations and threatening to flood. If you really really want to have a pond, then it is better not because, well before the house: "rear" home should always be solid and durable. If a courtyard flows into a stream, it is a great misfortune, but if a stream or river bend around the house - it was good. However, dangerous to live on the outside of the bend: the owners are not protected from the strong influences of power, they constantly aim for the bow. It is not necessary to settle and stagnant water - a pond overgrown, unused channel - a dead energy does not promise good. But a small fountain, which rises from a stone at some distance from the entrance to the house will act favorably.

The same can be said about roads, streets - it's the principal conductor of energy. In the house, rounded by the way, to live safely, she, like a river, is a good defense. But if this bend forms an angle and it is aimed at your house, it's always a bad thing - the corner acts like a knife. Just as bad when the house is on the outer side of the arc: the energy of a road or a moving vehicle can slide off and hit him in the direction of bending.

If the west of the home is a great way, it fortunately, but only on condition that the facade of the house turned not to the west. Such an arrangement would protect the privacy of the family from outside interference. If your house is under the influence of unfavorable road, hide its review next tree. You can also dispel the effect of a massive and negative constructions, but the trees should be bigger. When you have no chance to plant trees in front of his house or something like that, use prezhdenebesnoe ba gua (it's not a simple octagon, it trigrams arranged in any order). This powerful shield is better not to use frequently. And it is very desirable location of the symbol inside the house.

Also, to somehow clean energy front of the house, shop or office, you need brighter lighting. If you want good luck for her shop, bar, restaurant, office, etc., etc., we recommend evening, at night to ensure a bright light in front. If space in your house is too full of negative energy, then to avoid its effects, you can paint the doors in red, yellow, orange or white - these bright "yang" color scare yin energy.

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