Feng Shui Symbols for all zodiac signs in 2016

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Articles about real estate | Feng Shui Symbols for all zodiac signs in 2016 2016 - the year of the fire monkey - promises changes in life, the dynamics and the expectation of all characters. Year promises to be fun and full of bright events. New year everyone starts with new hopes and new plans. To help with your plans to fruition, Feng Shui proposes to use special characters Feng Shui for each sign of the zodiac.

As a symbol of Feng Shui is used, any thing that represents your desire - picture, statue, etc. The main thing that it was located in a prominent position and in the corresponding zone of Bagua. Then the character will bring you the desired result.

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Aries. 2016 will be productive in terms of job and career opportunities for hardworking rams. To support the recommended place an image of a whale or a dolphin in the northern sector. Feng shui symbol key symbol in the northwestern sector will help in creating their own business. To strengthen the physical strength, place the image of cedar in the west. In the southern sector should be to place the image of the solar field that will promote positive thinking and the support of others.

Taurus. The main objective of the bulls in 2016 - create and enjoy it. Good year for travel and learning foreign languages. This will contribute to the character of the globe in the northeast sector. If you want to meet your soul mate in 2016 - is located in the eastern sector of a couple of swallows.
Taurus is recommended to be careful with finances in 2016. To preserve their capital, set in the south-western sector of the safe deposit box, chest or box with a lock, not necessarily true. Increase profits will bloomer or a picture in the south-eastern sector. If you decide to make major investments this year - that invest in yourself.

Twins. In 2016 the twins, it is important to create comfort and to maintain harmony in the home. This will help them a lotus flower (image) or a cozy fireplace in the central sector. In order to strengthen family relationships place family photos together in the south-western sector. In the east, the image of the waterfall will support your endeavors, and two elephants in the north-eastern sector will help to appreciate the relationship with your significant other.

In the new year will be a good chance of cancers to learn something new. In order to have the energy for it, we advise you to place a fountain in the eastern sector. For those who like to travel in 2016 everything goes as well as possible. Reinforce good luck, you can use the image of an aircraft or other means of transport in the north-east.

Heed their health, protect the nerves and focus only on positive thoughts! This will help you bunches of lavender or rosemary in the western sector.

For the Lions in 2016 also bears the changes and opens up new horizons. The main thing is not to miss the chance! To maintain the financial wellbeing, place the image of banknotes and coins in the southeast. Charges positive energy will help you still life with fruit, vegetables or other foods in the southwestern sector.

This year will be difficult for the Lions, who have not yet had time to realize themselves. The main thing - to open up new possibilities, including if you are looking for love. Break free from the inner stiffness helps Aromalamps or incense in the southern sector.

In the new year, be sure to safely try something new - new style, new way of communication, etc. This is useful to listen to the views of others. In order to properly choose a new path, located in the eastern sector of the image of the rainbow or the artist's palette.

To strengthen family relationships and understand the Dispute will rock crystal in the southwest sector. To achieve harmony Feng Shui advises to place an image or a soaring bird tranquil landscapes in the central sector.

Libra. The health of the balance in 2016 will take care of the stork in the western sector of the house. But you must be willing to make lifestyle changes related
Health, for example, go on a healthy diet. Deserved prosperity will bring the image of a turtle in the northern sector. A chess piece in the western sector (any) to help in organization and discipline, which are very needed weights in 2016.

The motto for the Scorpions in 2016 on Feng Shui - be bright, bold and in sight! For a successful career, place a figure of an eagle or the wheel in the north-western sector. To take care of the financial situation and avoid unnecessary expenses take care of that in the south-western sector of the present
the image of the castle, well, or the castle. To protect yourself from theft necessarily place the figure of the dog in the western sector.

Sagittarians. Sagittarius opened in 2016 all the doors to implement career plans. Energize energy career will help the image of the ship on the high seas in the northern sector, and to support the business - a fountain in the south-eastern sector.

This year will be especially important to the ability to find compromises. For the wisdom of life and balance, place the image of an owl in the northwestern sector. For the strengthening of family relations get an action figure of the pyramid and place it in the southwest.

Capricorns. In 2016, for goats than ever it is important to communicate in a constructive way. To preserve harmony with the environment is located in the southern sector of a field of flowers, and in the north-east - the image of the road. This will help keep your direction communication.

It is very important to treat with gratitude for what you have already achieved and to focus on positive thoughts. Support awareness of the value of life can help hourglass in the south-western sector.

Aquarians. For Aquarius in 2016 will open new prospects of Feng Shui, the main thing that is required - always have a well thought out plan. To preserve the health and wealth recommend that you place in the western sector of the shield or a horseshoe.

Try not to be confused with the financial affairs of your friends or colleagues. It is better not to do entertainment, and to devote himself to teaching in the new year. To maintain good relations with colleagues at work hang in the south-western sector of the rosary or necklace.

Fish. Fish 2016 will mark the beginning of a new phase of life. New initiatives to reinforce the energy to help the early flowers, such as snowdrops, in the eastern sector. To maintain the external image of beauty, place plants with dew drops in the southern sector.

Remember that the way of complexity is inevitable, the main thing - do not despair and continue to move forward. In order to understand their goals and personal growth required to place a dragon with a pearl or a boom in the south-eastern sector.

Suppose that in 2016, the year of the fire monkey would be the best for all the signs and bring with it a wind of change is good! Happy New Year!
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