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18.10.2009 15:41
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui of Apartment Feng Shui of Apartment Unnatural to feel depressed and dependent on others or have slammed the door in front of his nose.
Your life should be full of happiness, health and welfare as well as your surrounding environment - everything must conform to feng shui, that flow of heavenly life.

There are many things that are visible and are in any space. In the first place - it is the interior - the space that surrounds us, as soon as we open the eyes in the morning, sets the rhythm, tone, coloring all of our subsequent actions and decisions.

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Interior as feng shui of any apartment, office, shop, restaurant, general, any room, begins with the entrance hall.

Disposition of rooms at feng shui
The owner must have the largest and most impressive bedroom. The other rooms are to be selected and planned in accordance with horoscope home for better use of its potential.

Kitchen and bathroom should be divided, if not, use the screen (blind) or permanently keep the door closed. If the bath is located at the end of the corridor, keep the bathroom door is also closed and hang on the door now.

Feng Shui for the Bedroom
Bedrooms, perhaps the most important places in the house as tenants in a third of them spend their lives in a dream. In the L-shaped bedrooms Do not place your bed along the long wall, otherwise you can not avoid stress.

Rooms with uneven (not under 90 degrees) angles "shocking" energy chi and can cause various problems. Fill in the corners of plants or furniture. What is your bed - this is your life. The head of the bed should be elevated higher than the back, which has legs.

Large lush curtains and table by the bed "scare" qi, they should not be placed near the bed. Also, avoid hanging around (in front) bed mirrors, because they scare the spirits of your dreams, and you may develop insomnia.

Living on feng shui
They are less important than the bedroom or kitchen. They should be big and bright, without beams, girders and slabs on the ceiling. Odd corners of the living room may cause strange problems and disagreements.

Decorate all projections and irregularities of the energy symbols Ba Gua and color solution, try to trim wallpaper so that the visual space of the room was looked as a whole.

Kitchens on Feng Shui
The Chinese have never meet you a question: "How are you?". Instead, it asks about: "How do you eat?" or "Are you hungry?". Why? Because food and cooking are the equivalent of a good life. Kitchens are also important as the bedroom.

Table for cooking, which are operated by chef, should be positioned so that the cook could see entering the kitchen. Place a mirror or a silver tray on the table so that the front door was reflected in the surface. Then the cook would not be afraid of the unexpected visitor.

Remove excess furniture from under the feet, cut down all protruding corners, on which you can hit. Never hang shelves above the dining table or over his head sitting.

Hallway of feng shui
Hallway classifies circulating around the house chi (life force). Qi through the hall entrance to the apartment, the office, the store and into the long room, into the interior. If your hallway is small, dark or cluttered, Qi "bounce" from the obstacles, poorly circulating and strives to leave the apartment rather than enter into it.

You may feel at this lack of vitality, malaise (up to the disease), even luck and success may turn away from you. Use a mirror and good lighting, to expand the space visually, "draw" in his apartment vitality of the Cosmos.

Too big hall, however, attracts a number of chi, which "fills" your apartment and makes its occupants aggressive. It gives people the ability to be guards, supervisors, sometimes tyrants over the weaker or younger family members. Upon entering the apartment to a man feels "a little insect" and immediately the alert, expecting an attack.

In order to properly balance and distribute the flow of qi, put in a big hall table, decorate it plants, statues and stone. This object and its location should "keep the space" - to engage the attention.

What is the first thing you see when entering the apartment? If you buried her head at the entrance to an empty wall, decorate this nice wall painting, stained-glass window, make a door with glass. If the front door is the door to the bathroom, keep it permanently closed, and then your happiness will sink in the bathroom.

If the entrance you have a view into the kitchen, with every company that peep to you immediately thought of a meal there. Or, for you will go just to eat.

Doors of feng shui
Internal door of the apartment is very important because they produce effects microdistribution of vital energy and are mini-hallways. You see three doors in a row. (from room to room and down the hall).

Know - qi moves too quickly. Divide the space shirmochkami, screensavers, artificial plants. In general, to make a "dam" to attract chi to each door to each room.

If the apartment is unnecessary doors, be absolutely sure that they zadekorirovany from both sides. Hang up on them, paintings, tapestries, posters, carpets. In general, that it was impossible to recognize in this object is a former door. Otherwise, you have a chance to step into "nowhere" or, you may be visited by guests from "nowhere". Large doors must be opened in large rooms.

If a big door opens into the bathroom, resident spends most of the time. Large door not only attracts your attention, but "attention" qi. If you have more than just "take" bathroom, you have the chance to become empty and vain, you can walk to the narcissism and arrogance, and sometimes it leads to the development of certain diseases.

In any case, this bath will be the most busy point of your apartment. And, of course, loose or improperly attached deadlights doors are a source of danger to your life. If you have sliding doors with a lock or door, with the slope, you should hang a curtain that obscures the slope or rollers.

WAGS when you open the door to each other can contribute to deepen the differences in your family. One of these doors should be kept permanently closed. If the doors are located opposite each other face to face, draw a small red dots on the middle of each door. The points act as the eyes, looking out at each other.

Directions to Feng Shui
In the system of knowledge of feng shui - the house is comparable with the family. Windows - children, the door - it is the parents. If the windows than doors, children predominate. Hung a bell or something that produces sound when the door opens, you will attach the energy your parents. Windows can not see but can hear.

The windows open only half, give a distorted view of the outside, they "Radiation at." The windows should be kept open or fully closed. Zashtorivayte windows overlooking the West (the West - a place of dying after Qi midday sun - the sunset).

Also, if you have a bad view from the window, especially if you are below the intersection or corner of a building, or pole, and even worse, if the window goes to the cemetery (fortunately this happens very rarely).

Beams and ledges on Feng Shui
Strive for the smooth space wherever possible. Avoid the beams or ledges on the walls, because they suppress the qi. If, for example, has a beam above the kitchen table, the whole family life will consist of evidence and arguments.

If the beam passes over the bed are possible health problems or even divorce. If the beam passes through the living room (above the table), spent or borrowed money will never return. If you can avoid staying under the beam, hang underneath any shining (shining, blinking) or a moving object. Most importantly, beam does not pass across your body when you sleep, or across any object under it.

Steps to Feng Shui
Steps act as pipelines, Qi waddled through the house. If steps lead to your front door from the street, put a footrest or a special ribbed mat to the feet can not slip. Clearly, steps should not stagger or be too steep.

Mirrors in Feng Shui
Mirrors - this is a panacea for incoming chi. They give her a positive focus, reflect and distribute light evenly. They are the door for good chi and when the occupant turns his back to the door, mirrors reduce the crushing effect of the closed walls.

Mirrors harmonious balance of qi in the room, blowing the sunbeams on the front door. Mirrors should be hung in such a way that was visible head of the highest tenant, but not so high that everyone else jumped in front of a mirror.

Tired of the constant noise and slamming doors, my friend, Mr. Green was ready to shoot their neighbors. I advised him to hang a mirror on the wall closest to the neighbors of his house, close to the source of noise. You will not believe! But now he put his gun in the closet and enjoy peace and quiet.

Water in Feng Shui
Contemplation of open water is always good. Aquariums, vases with flowers, water fountains, ponds and mikrobasseyny, even something like this always help you. It is especially good water movement. It interacts with qi, gurgling, calms.

However, too much calm (stagnant) water can cause in your life, stagnation, loss of the problems in the care of themselves. Keep your apartment is well repaired. Remember, only the good attracts good.

Harmony will result in a harmony in the other. Similar kind. We know that long ago, is not it? Let's look critically at their home now and draw up a list of the necessary repair. The main thing - do not be lazy and you'll learn the secret of Fortune.

It is also important that your apartment was well lit both inside and outside. You should not be anywhere locked doors and windows should be opened and closed without any effort. House - this is your castle, so it is, first and foremost, should be safe for the hosts.

Another component of good Feng Shui is correctly selected colors. It is believed that the color of the house, clothing, etc. can give a certain shade of man's destiny.

Red for the Chinese - the most favorable, symbolizes happiness, strength, fire and heat. Therefore, many of them wear red ribbons on the wrist, waist and neck, so that qi is preserved and can circulate freely. Because the color red - the color of the "heart", then all its shades - bright red, purple, purple, etc. means life force and a profound respect.

Green - thinner peace and freshness. Is the color of nature in spring and a sign of a healthy earth qi. Yellow - the color of sunshine and optimism - a symbol of long life. Wearing golden clothes and beat them at home yellow tile was a privilege of the imperial family.

The most frightening and unpleasant for the Chinese is white. It symbolizes the deep mourning, then, which corresponds to black color in Western culture. Chinese architects do not use in their projects, white and blue (as a cold, mean pain) colors.

Black is also not recommended. It symbolizes the failure of the dire events. So popular is not so long ago style "white wall" for the Chinese symbol of death. To prevent "white event", meaning a fall, illness or death, the Chinese "paint" offices Europeans colors: red flowers, dots, green plants, etc.
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