Feng shui is a country house

30.12.2019 00:30
If you have an opportunity to build their own home, this greatly increases your chance to influence your luck, using the methods of Feng Shui. picture: Feng shui is a country houseHaving the opportunity to choose the external environment at home, and to organize its internal space you will be able to attract 90% of luck, which spreads not only you but also will support your children. Working in collaboration with designers and architects, feng shui expert to help you create not just beautiful and modern house, but a healthy energy that provides power and brings good luck.

The external appearance of the house must give the impression of balance, then its residents will be pleased to be in it to work, study, they will rush home to be in an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and harmony. Other equally important factors shaping the Feng Shui house is the layout, color, shape and texture of materials used in interior, lighting, ventilation, furniture design and landscape design.

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Designing your own home should begin with a choice of land. If possible, select the section square or rectangular area that is slightly tilted to the side of the road. Even better, if you manage to find a platform that would be looked at water with clean water. Well, if a site overlooking the bay, lake or river, it symbolizes prosperity.
Creating a feng shui house we are looking for balance. You do not need a site located in the sun, but is not needed and the site is shaded most of the time the neighboring hills or tall buildings. Surrounding area should not be completely smooth, but do not choose the site and on a steep hillside. Land should not be too dry nor too moist. It is important to balance the energies of Yin and Yang.

Carefully evaluate your site looking for possible malicious arrows that influenced him. It is particularly important to ensure that no malicious arrows was not directed at your front door. Look at neighboring buildings and roads. Not if your house is located at the intersection of two or more roads? Do not aim directly at the road side of your site? Whether the air above him lines? Whether directly in front of your site a high hill or large building?

Rivers and other water bodies should be placed in front of your site, rather than behind him. The water in the reservoirs must be clean, not dirty and littered. Is water flowing or standing? How does the vegetation in the area, whether it is a lush, healthy plants there? This indicates the abundance of beneficial Chi. Naturally, you want to land on your site was fertile.

Finding a suitable site to begin designing a house that stood at the center of the site and would have the correct form. This means that the front and back yards should be the same size. In your area should be rounded or winding path leading from the entrance to the area to the front door. If you need a direct entry, position it so that it did not come directly to the front door.

Design a house with a view of the date of birth of head of family. The house should be well absorb Qi through the front door and let it flow freely around the room. Inside there should be no any obstacles and barriers that would hinder the free flow of Qi. In this case, all living in the house will be surrounded by happy, healthy atmosphere.
In terms of feng shui is not allowed in house project which will be a very large living room and tiny spalenki. The dimensions of each room in the house must fit in other areas.

When designing your own home, avoid L-shaped rooms, as they represent a large butcher knife and create problems for those who live in the house. For the same reason, avoid sloping ceilings.

The entrance door should lead to an attractive foyer. The area must be independent, but it must be clearly visible inside the house. If the door is too narrow, your home will be able to penetrate only a limited number of Qi. Closest to the front door should be located and living rooms. This creates a house belonging to people's sense of tranquility and harmony. The kitchen can not hold near the front door. This brings excessive emphasis on food, and tenants will get fat. If you entered the house of your guests will immediately notice the bedroom, they will feel tired and want to relax. Worst of all when guests entered the house immediately see the toilet door or the bathroom. This affects the health of people living in the house.

Do not install three or more doors along one axis. Because of this, the Chi will flow too fast, which is why its beneficial influence will diminish. In fact, three or more doors create an inner ball, which can lead to emotional breakdowns and difficulties in communication between family members. Doors in the hallway should not be located directly opposite each other. This is especially important if one door than another, just as big door will dominate the smaller. Avoid skewed doors, ie those whose upper edge is not perpendicular to the doorway, but forms with it the angle is smaller. direct, or has a slope. Such doors are usually specially installed in houses with sloping ceilings. This type of door symbolizes an ax and creates a very bad feng shui.

In your home should be a lot of windows to ensure the flow of Qi in it. However, the number of windows may not exceed the number of doors in the house no more than three-fold. Windows should open outwards, as it helps to maximize the flow of Qi in the house. Sinking or rising of the window or windows that open only on half, limiting the number included in the House of Chi. It acts as a constraint on career and financial status of family members.

If your house has stairs, make it broad and gently curving. It should not go to the front door should not consist of separate steps with empty spaces between them, the ladder must be uniform and consist-fitting to each other steps.

Dining room should be large enough to fit in her desk and other furniture. Hung in her large mirror can visually double the number filed at the table eating. Feeling of spaciousness in this room creates a sense of development and success. Kitchen should be near the cafeteria. It should be well lit and spacious. Need to think carefully position the slab. Pay special attention to the search space for the kitchen and its layout as well as in terms of Feng Shui this room is the source of your wealth.

Should not be designed bedrooms, arranging them in a row along the corridor. Long corridors in feng shui are bad, and all the doors of bedrooms will create disharmony is the cause of discord.

Toilet and bathroom must be located in secluded places, their money had to be visible from the entrance to the house. They just should not be placed at the end of a long corridor or directly in front of another door. As is the case with the kitchen, think carefully about the place in which to house the toilet should be located along the outer wall of the house rather than at its center. In Feng Shui is considered good manners and the requirement is merely common sense to keep the door to a toilet and bathroom closed.

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