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Articles about real estate | Feng Shui in your home In the East, long ago learned and used and controlled flow of energy that permeates the human body. Eastern people by experience know how favorable sanatory can affect Qi on various organs, as a beneficial effect on the destiny of man-found balance, which has the inner strength of a man who knows how to manage the chi of the body. It is a question that should be able to capture the energy that comes from elements such as sun, earth, water, trees, rocks, and use it for their own benefit, by activating specific energy points. After numerous and varied channels inside our bodies, because of various failures in the body cluttered with all sorts of waste, toxins, clogged and obstacles to the free circulation of vital energy.

Exactly the same happens with the house, in each of the premises which should be free to move Qi. In relation to the premises art of feng shui is to localize and to "tame" flow of life energy.

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It might be objected to this that the traditional Chinese philosophy is hardly suitable for life in the West, which was originally organized quite differently. This is completely wrong point of view, because of feng shui - the art of the universal. Yoga, for example, operates equally effectively regardless of where it is used. Likewise, the practice of feng shui to boost the vitality and development rights, helping to transfer this power to our zhilishu, which, in turn, affects us.

Just as a millennium ago, Chinese peasants, the process of watching and remembering the result, began to use his knowledge to optimize their lives, as people around the world have tried to compile and use a long list of dependencies and will not always understand the essence of their inner relationship. Common sense and experience forefathers, the peasant, in which place is better to build a house, where they must go out the doors and windows, how to place the bed and so on. Inspection and investigation from this point of view of traditional homes of French peasants showed that there are long and strictly adhered to well-defined rules.

Despite the fact that the West has a strong tradition in architecture and design, they are mainly based on conceptual knowledge in fashion and taste for philosophy. Feng Shui refers to basic, fundamental natural laws, and focuses on people's welfare, in addition, it can affect some special aspects of life such as, for example, business or personal relationships. That is, despite the fact that we have a lot of knowledge about how to create a positive environment, we can still use Feng Shui to learn more.

Feng shui brings us to the natural environment. Most of his time we spend in the buildings. Natural environment with an abundance of greenery and water would give us a lot of vitality, but we have little of this, especially those who live in cities and spend their day at the office, and the night in the apartments. In this case, it is very important that surrounds us inside buildings.

The earliest mention of the classic techniques of inspection of buildings, which are now recognized as elements of feng shui, annoyingly sketchy and limited, as a rule, references to "dark-blue method" or "the method wizard-Blue Raven." It seems likely that this is a reference to the same source, because in Chinese the word "navy" is almost identical to the word "sheep". Unfortunately, today's hard to tell what exactly are these methods, guidelines have not been preserved. In fact, everything we know about using Feng Shui in their everyday life in China, first century, we know by Wang Chung (27-97 years). And his book "Balance of judgments." He was very critical of the customs of the society of the time, but making fun of them, he left a very full account of the practice, which would otherwise be lost to us. He cites extensive passages from the now lost books, one of which, "The ability to plan the house" would be the most important historical evidence about the feng shui of all, ever written. From his reports, we learned about the practice of setting the house on the musical tone of its inhabitants:

"The house owner's name contains a note of the Shan (in the Western system - re), should not be turned to the south, and the house of a man whose name contains a note chih (salt) should not be facing north, because the sound Shan belongs to the element metal, and the southbound belongs to Fire. Similarly, the note of chi (G) belongs to the Fire, and the direction North - Water. Water extinguishes fire, and fire melts the Metal. It follows that the door of a house owned by the person whose name is not in harmony, should be moved to the other side. Having a house with a harmonious orientation, the host will succeed, as improper orientation lead to the loss of everything. "

We can say that the situation in our house is a mirror of our mind, that is, reflects all that is happening within us. And just as we are changing ourselves, change our habits, and suddenly one day, we want to change the situation of his house in the same way you can act in the opposite direction, ie, Obu-straivaya differently their zhilishe, we can change something in the right direction in itself. For example, positioned in the right place and direction of the bed where we sleep, to gather strength for the next day, so that nothing will interfere with our sleep and the body could be fed entirely invisible, but we need the natural energies. Or put in a certain place in the room any subject, which, by influencing our subconscious, will boost our ability to make money. There are many other methods, on the one hand, protecting against harmful effects of geopathic and elektrosmoga, on the other - positively impacting almost all aspects of life, from success at work to health and wellbeing. And if you know how to do it, you can achieve amazing results!

Why, working in his office, you'll quickly get tired, and going, for example, in the living room, feeling a surge of strength? Why is the bedroom with a trendy interior sleeps badly, and the kitchen appliances are constantly broken? Feng shui - the ancient Chinese science that has been existing for five thousand years, - explains it this way: the apartment and all the space around us is full of chi - the energy, which depends on the nature, people, architecture, furniture, lighting, sounds, and it can be positive , medical, or negative.

In China, the birthplace of Feng Shui, use special table sizes, which are building for the living and the dead. Of course, if the size of your doorway "to the dead", it does not mean that you will immediately die, but, each time passing through this door, you are putting your energy field stress.

So where do I begin the job of feng shui? First of all, the customer must determine for themselves, and then convey to the master wishes. And these suggestions are rather psychological. Kpient not express any specific wishes concerning the interior, with the need to turn to the designer. Master the same before starting to work with you, you need to understand what purpose in life you pursue what you want. After listening to you, the master must read the apartment and find out it needed the data on family members. It is primarily about the dates of birth of people who will live in it, because there are certain conditions for each of them. And very often the case that the customer wishes to disagree with the recommendations of Feng Shui. For example, he wants to place a bedroom in a place where you can not put the bed, because next is the unfavorable energy for it.

Feng shui has an effect on psychology, bioenergetics, physical health of everyone. For example, a person can be a pain in the back, from which you can get rid of, if rearranged chair in which he used to watch TV away from the corner table, as if aimed at the waist. And we already know that the corners are the carriers of the ball - the negative impact on the surroundings.

Despite the clear rules of feng shui is not break created interior. There are so many elements that can be entered in any style. For example, the "wind chimes": they define the direction of energy, dissipating it when necessary. In modern homes do not always have the opportunity to change the layout. But you can always redirect the flow of chi. For example, you hang up "wind chimes" in the hallway, they give a sound, vibration, from which the energy diverges in different directions. Or - now it is very fashionable - crystals: polished beads of rock crystal, cut glass, artificial crystals, just SLR balls or even an ordinary chandelier. Qi is recognized and begins to disperse.

In addition, for each family member in an apartment have their own key areas, that is, those places where he spends most of his time. If he comes home only to rest, the most important place in the house - a bedroom, because after what he has been busy during the day, he needs to recover. For those who work from home, more importantly osego bedroom and the workplace. If this is the housewife who spends more time in the kitchen - then the kitchen and bedroom for it is most important.

Before you begin to make any changes, using the rules of feng shui in general, to clear the entrance to your house, apartment or office. In a hallway or in the lobby should not be a warehouse of old unnecessary veshey. They make it difficult to login to you, as well as the entrance of qi. Then you will have a much better overall feng shui still without the use of its funds.

Log in to your home or office should be open and inviting, the vegetation in front of him, which may block the flow of qi, to remove it. Also avoid, to the main entrance stood a solitary tree or pole. They will cut the flow of qi by two more rapid and abrupt flow, leading to the emergence of so-called "poison arrows" and it is sure to affect the inhabitants of the house.

Always position your bed, desk, kitchen stove so that, while there, see the front door.

Door to the bathroom and the toilet should be kept closed, as well as the toilet lid to prevent escape of all chi opportunities, wealth and happiness.

Never sleep and do not place your desk under the overhanging beam, as well as do not hang up on them shelves. On you at any moment could befall the world.

Throw away all the dead flowers and plants, they have lost their vitality. If you do not want to take care of live indoor plants, use artificial, they give almost the same effect as the real thing.

Avoid that sharply towards the corners of buildings and their roofs pointing directly at your home, especially at the front door, and sharp corners of furniture - a bed or in your workplace. It resembles a knife edge, and sends a sharp flow of chi, which can lead to many troubles, such as financial loss, illness and deterioration of relationships.

Make sure that your design through shapes and colors were present all the traditional elements or forms of energy (Fire, Metal, Water, Fire, Wood). This will create a space and energy, emotional balance and decorative.

Before all of me, always listen to your intuition, especially consider how it will affect the rest of the decoration of the room. Do not use the traditional rules blindly, without submitting himself in advance where this will lead. If, for example, you do not have red or orange color, think about how to fill this shortage, not violating the harmony.

Where there is a lack of natural light, especially in corridors and lobbies at the entrance, you need to provide good artificial light.

The next rule in respect of each room: any corners collecting the energy or send so-called energy "boom". And if the people all the time sitting in front of an acute angle, then there are psychological problems and even trouble with his health. It can smooth - use a hanging plant, for example, or simply turn the furniture so that the angles were not directed at the person. But we must not forget that they are not only in furniture: Each serving rectangular beam in the ceiling just has negative energy, if it is above the bed, on your desk or over any other place in the room where you spend a lot of time.

Spetsiatist Feng Shui will certainly examine the circulation of energy in your home. Direct Line corridor, especially when napichii glazed surfaces, accelerates the flow of qi, but the room cluttered furniture or design a few dark and ponderous, in contrast, reduces the intensity of qi.

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