Feng Shui in the service of Wealth

21.11.2010 09:45
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui in the service of Wealth Of people who do not dream of riches! Not necessarily wallow in money, just live a decent life: to have a decent property and a good car, pamper yourself and your loved ones with gifts, travel, engage in charity. Although ... it is difficult to call and wealth, rather it is simply "to live in prosperity." The richness of the same - the concept is somewhat different ... "more property, mainly cash, aggregate wealth, a lot, abundance, magnificence, splendor" - tells us the dictionary Ushakov. Abundance, surplus, excess, prosperity, abundance of property, bellies, money "- says Dahl. "The abundance of wealth, money" - short notes burns.

Whatever it was, they want all the wealth in our day to speak openly about it no one is ashamed of (as it was 20-25 years ago), and rightly so. Better to live rich and happy, and so on ... And, most importantly, wealth can be "tamed", draw, draw to itself. It's amazing, and at the same time not surprising: for many centuries, mankind has learned to manage energy, enhance positive and mitigate negative.

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According to Chinese Feng Shui teachings, in order to attract wealth, there are many ways. Some of them are so accessible (and, more importantly, effectively) that people regret only one thing - they did not know this before.

Thus, the area of wealth in the house - it's south-east (determined by the compass). One has only slightly increase this sector, and - the result will not hesitate to declare itself. Water and Wood - are the key elements that should prevail here. Attention! - To rule without suppressing each other (remember the cardinal rule Feng Shui - a measure of all of them).

You can put in the Gaza Wealth living tree, for instance, money (also known as monkey's palm, Krasulya, jade), although any other with the leaves, "coins" is also nice, is not necessary just a cactus). If for some reason you are not able to cultivate a live tree, do not worry - you can simply draw a tree with bills and coins instead of leaves, place in a frame and hang on the wall. Original and - will work for you.
Find a place in the area of wealth to figures from the tree. It can be purchased or homemade crafts from the root of the tree, from twigs or plates. It all depends on your imagination. It is important that favors you like, not irritating. Well post here various mobiles, wind music, traditional Chinese figurines of the Laughing Buddha, three-legged frog with coin in the mouth, poludrakona-polucherepahi, as well as jewelry boxes, piggy banks, etc.

Now activate the element of water. Water in Feng Shui - perhaps the main symbol of money. However, (again, remember the sense of measures) in this case, it should not oppress the tree, do not forget that this is a very powerful element, be careful with it. Try to keep a balance (connect intuition).
The aquarium with 9 fish (including gold, have to be one black, as a defense). Fish in China - a symbol of abundance, combined with water it doubles its power. However, if you are a burden to care for the aquarium, place in the sector of any vessel with water. Just make sure that the water is always clean, uncomplicated (you can often change, and can be dropped back silver objects). But if you and so do not want to bother, hang on a wall painting (pictures, images) with the image of water. Only that it was not a waterfall! - Rapidly falling water can "wash" your expected wealth. Remember, Feng Shui - the language of symbols ...

Excellent mascot for the south-eastern sector - 4 green candles and all things that are multiples of four.

Well, of course, should match the color gamut area of wealth. Color of the tree - green, water color - blue and black (purple, violet). And here is the universal color of wealth in China is generally recognized combination of red and blue colors. Create, connect, combine!
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