Feng Shui in the relations between people

07.02.2011 07:30
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui in the relations between people There are many types of human relations. Despite significant differences, they have one thing in common: they are an expression of our emotional state and the basic ideas about the world and about themselves. We bring in the environment that is within us on an emotional level. This is our personal chi.

We all want to show their individuality, seem different from each other and the rest of the world. But no matter how we tried to express his personality, we are all part of nature, part of the universe, and this can not be avoided. Therefore, taking care of ourselves, we must take care of their immediate surroundings.

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As humans, we are dealing not only with our partners and loved ones, but also with the outside world, with all the subtle vibrations and energies around us. We often do not realize it, but at any point in our lives we interact with the environment. Sometimes this interaction is quite obvious - for example, when we come out of the house chilly in the morning or when locked in the bedroom, to spend a hot night together. But the essence remains unchanged: we give the energy we obtain the energy and always move with its ebb and flow.

Feng Shui deals with balance of energy of our mind and spirit, and not only in the environment. Relationships exist between two people (or more, depending on your habits and preferences), and this means that the harmony is provided by all participants of the game.

Your home, whether it be a mansion, a city apartment or country cottage, is a reflection of your capabilities, personal tastes and current architectural trends. But in addition, your home - the mirror of your inner self, an expression of your life and love, regardless of whether the scattered everywhere things and clothes, or reigns everywhere clean and tidy.

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