Feng shui horoscope with recommendations for 2011

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Articles about real estate | Feng shui horoscope with recommendations for 2011 Feng shui - the ancient oriental art of arranging space with a long history, which is a merger of Chinese astrology, the interaction of yin and yang theory, five elements and the concept of Qi.
The purpose of Feng Shui is to organize the house, room or workspace so that the flow of Qi helped people in finding good luck, health and wealth.
Harmony Chi - the most important factor in establishing the energy balance in any place where Qi unbalanced, there are troubles are beginning to have problems.
We invite you to become acquainted with one of the major schools of Feng Shui Flying Star ", and try to hold in 2011 under the influence of a favorable energy.

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In our opinion, this is one of the simplest methods of using the rules of feng shui in relation to the house, apartment.

Feng Shui Flying Star "

Flying stars - mark this impact terrestrial and celestial energies of Feng Shui, which varies in time and space. The Flying Stars are denoted by numbers from 1 to 9, each of which occupies one square of the diagram Lo-shu.
The square Lo Shu is a special pattern, found, according to legend, the carapace of a turtle that rose from the River Lo in China. This pattern is represented as a diagram of the 9 squares (diagram Lo-shu), in each of the boxes which contained a number symbolizing the Flying Star. " Lo Shu Chart - one of the foundations of Feng Shui, which characterizes the impact of Qi in a particular place and a period of time per person.
9 "Flying Star" - this configuration, taken over time, the energy of Chi in the process of moving it. The purpose of Feng Shui Flying Star "- to make sure that the man spends his time indoors with a favorable influence for his energy Flying Star. If this effect is negative, the Feng Shui Flying Stars, based on the knowledge cycle of 5 elements, suggests methods for its neutralization, and, conversely, beneficial effect can be enhanced by placing in this place of the corresponding element or character.

Feng shui horoscope for 2011
The energy of Feng Shui varies from year to year.
At the beginning of each year to celebrate the redistribution of positive and negative energy, in order to be able to promptly take the necessary measures in case of penetration into vital places of our house (office) of bad energy.
Today, many developed the company, use the knowledge of feng shui in an attempt to improve and grow your business. Such service is very expensive, and, of course, not everyone can afford to take the help of an expert in feng shui.
Since many of us do not have the opportunity to meet personally with experts, we hope our advice Feng shui horoscope for 2011 will help you organize your home or office so as to obtain an optimal energy balance of yin and yang in the areas of your most frequent pastime.

In practice, it looks like this - project the (Transfer) a chart of Feng Shui in your favorite room, this may be a separate room or entire house or apartment. Lo Shu diagram can be applied to the city, country and even continent.
So, what is the configuration of the "Flying Star" awaits us in 2011?

With the advent of Chinese New Year on the Millennial solar calendar February 4, 2011 will change the basic energies, and the movement of so-called flying star feng shui. Redeployment of tree stars is an important factor in changing the Earth Luck, and if you want to fully take advantage of it - this time it is important not to miss in advance to prepare for it.

Of course, Earth Luck particular house is not limited to the influence of only one-year stars, however, their influence is always felt. So is early to make some changes in your own home or office in order to neutralize the effects of evil stars, and possibly strengthen the enabling force. The basic principle is simple: "bad" star should specify the work and "throw" energetically correct object, which she worked for you, well and good let the whole year working for your welfare, it must live and work in close contact.
Схема Летящих звезд по Феншуй на 2011 год
The figure shows the scheme of Flying Star in 2011 (note that the south is at the top). Try to impose a scheme on the plan of your house or apartment (of course, given the compass direction), and you'll see in any sector of your house fly "to stay" one-year star feng shui.

So, in 2011 in the central sector of each house flies year-long Star Seven-red. Seven - Miss militant, so excessive activation may contribute to the center of discord and various manifestations of aggression. Some benefit, however, the central location can bring people connected with metaphysics, psychology, law, surgery, dentistry, cosmetics, jewelry business, active Internet users.

Nevertheless, with the Group of Seven should be careful. Traditional means to neutralize the negative influence of the stars Seven - 3-4 bamboo shoots in a glass vase with water. Of course, not always a tool can harmoniously fit into the center of the house. Alternatively, you can use the energy in the center of the color - visible objects in black, dark blue and green colors will help divert the attention of the star.

Best efforts will focus on the north-west. It flies the most favorable to the star of the current period - Eight-and-white. Currently Eight symbolizes the peak strength and vitality. Very harmonious for this star the north-west location, in turn, will further contribute to more productive its effects. Eight is often called "cash" star, so its activation energy and vitality in the north-west sector of your home or office will bring you a steady growth and material prosperity. But beneficence Eight is not limited to material aspects. Active use of the north-west location will contribute to the positive mood, harmony in relationships, increase your credibility and enhance reputation. The energy of the north-west will be especially favorable in February, March, May, October, November and December 2011.

Unpleasant situation will arise in the east. It is here that have a negative energy of the star Five-yellow. This pernicious person can bring all sorts of troubles and problems. Therefore, the influence of the stars Five-yellow must necessarily reverse, especially if in the eastern sector of your house is a door or a bedroom.

In addition, in 2011, the east will be the seat of Tai Sui or Grand Duke, which is also called the Lord of the year. Grand Duke decided to render all respects. Try not to sit with his face in his direction (ie toward the east), because that way you like to challenge the Grand Duke may incur his wrath.

If in the eastern sector enters the front door of your apartment, then throughout the year you are encouraged to do repairs anywhere in the house. If the east location has some particular room, then you will not be engaged in construction work is in it.

Try not to disturb the east excessive noise, light, moving, placing active devices and technology. If you ignore these tips, it immediately affects your health and wellbeing.

It is believed that the sign of the zodiac, which during the year situated opposite the Grand Duke, is with him in opposition. In the year of the Rabbit this sign is the Rooster. Therefore, people born in the Year of the Rooster should especially please the Grand Duke. Usually in such cases are advised to put in the house a statue of mythical creatures Pi Yao, unfolding her face in the direction of Tai Sui.

Pi Yao is probably the most popular symbol used by people to get involved in the Feng Shui masters and recommended:
Pi Yao - ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon, granting protection. It has one horn, lion-dog face, hoofs, little wings and tail. In shops you can find Pi Yao, shown in various poses. One of the most favorable combinations of Pi Yao is sitting on Chinese coins, which protects your well-being, and it is capable to increase significantly. Pi Yao is placed at a level below the eyes of the highest member of the family. It is undesirable to place the Pi Yao in the bedroom, closet and bathroom. Symbol of Pi Yao, looketh toward the Prince of the year, will take the possible wrath of Tai Sui.

As an antidote to the negative impact of the Five is better to use quiet Yin Metal objects, such as copper pagoda. Another ancient remedy - "Salt-Water-coins": in the eastern corner of the apartment is placed liter jars with 1 kg of large salt, ground up drenched with water. Put a saucer under it where you want to put the 6 yellow and one white coins of any value. As vykristallizatsii salt in a jar, you can add water.

Another star of the year malosimpatichnaya Two-Black-related diseases, he settled in the south. South for Twos very "fertile ground", so southbound will require special attention, especially in February, March, September, November and December 2011. If you have a serious chronic disease, southern bedroom this year is not for you.

As an antidote instead of a traditional gourd can be used in the south of metal vases with narrow neck, the ligaments of the six coins.

To the west will move the lucky star Nine-violet. In the current period Nine is considered very favorable star, especially for good luck in the near future. The energy of the star creates prerequisites for the growth of wealth, prosperity and fame. Unfortunately, in 2011 the breadth and brightness of displays, typical nine, will not be honored. Excessive activation energy of the stars in the western sector can lead to various problems and troubles. Clearly, the unrestrained joy, outrageous excess, and too fanciful bright images is not particularly supported by the energy of the year.

The fact is that in 2011, while the west is the location of such damaging factors as conflict star and San-sha (or "three killers"). In this connection, to enhance the west should be approached with extreme caution, especially in the compass of the interval from 262 to 278 degrees (for a whole year in general it is better not activate). Accordingly, if you have a small apartment (or house), you will be hard to take advantage of useful energy west in 2011.

In the western part of the house (the capture of the adjacent third of the south-western and north-western sectors) is also not recommended for noisy work, repairs, rearrangements, etc. If your front door is located in the western position, refrain from repairs around the house. Try not to sit with his back to the west and facing the west, and just to the west - in compass range from 262 to 278 degrees.

If all you want to use the energy of Nine on your good, keep quiet star of the objects tree and the Yin fire.

In the north-east will benefit a star - Unit-and-white. It will bring good luck in business, new initiatives and projects, promising contacts and interesting journey. The unit is always connected with some updates - in business, relationships, choosing a new direction in life. In addition, the unit in the north-eastern location would be especially conducive to the spiritual quest, creative scientific research, studies, and all students passing grades.

You can reinforce the positive impact of Units, actively using the north-east of the element of metal: metallic colors (gold, silver), a beautiful metallic objects: things are wrought and gilded frame, etc.

In the northern sector of your house settles Troika turquoise, capricious star of disputes, quarrels and scandals. In the northern location Troika will be strong enough so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts, use the north more pieces of soft shades of red and encouraging the objects of light: red candles, lamps, pictures of sunrises and sunsets, fireworks, laughing and celebrating the people, etc. .

Those who are not sprayed on unwanted logomachy and "debriefing" and who exactly has outlined a vector of Activism, Troika might help: you have the opportunity, if not come to conclusive results, at least to seriously move towards him.

Southwest flies Four-and-white. "All of a sudden and controversial" in the current period, this versatile star will support the creative and intellectual pursuits, would favor the people of art, students, encourages a romantic mood, passion, and sometimes extra-marital affairs. Accordingly, the activation of this star should be treated with caution. If, however, the listed range is within the scope of your vital interests, it may be advisable to increase energy Fours suitable for water-related wooden objects.

And do not forget about creativity. For example, traditionally used to enhance a romantic bouquet of luck with the beautiful colors of red or pink color in a glass vase with water can replace your own love symbols.

And finally, in the southeastern part of the house settles Six-and-white, star service and management, leadership and generosity, but also a certain loneliness, coldness and selfishness. In this period, it generally does not neutralize. Nevertheless, to alleviate some of the rigidity of six, can be used in the southeast glass blue or black with calm water. This will help to show wisdom and serenity in the management, finding the right approach to the elders, chiefs, it is easier to negotiate with officials.

These recommendations are valid until the next year - the year of the Black Dragon - February 4, 2012.

In fairness it should be noted that the strength of the impact of annual flying stars is not equally large for all homes, as each residential facility has its own energy potential, which depends on the time of construction of the house, the direction of the facade and surrounding landscape.

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