Feng Shui: dress up a Christmas tree according to the rules

31.12.2011 00:45
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui: dress up a Christmas tree according to the rules The modern world is woven from the intertwining of different cultures, philosophies and customs. For example, which explains our interest in the Japanese and the Chinese calendar? Each year, the eve of New Year, we begin with gusto to try to discover the Internet or magazines wishes astrologers as to what the welcome feast, what dishes to put on the table. In this case, we seem not specifically take into account the fact that the Eastern New Year behind Europe, at least 4 weeks. Dressing up the traditional Christmas tree with balls and drizzle on European traditions, we are simultaneously trying to fulfill the wishes of the Eastern calendar.
Why so great an interest in the traditions of China and Japan? Yes, because these cultures have unique ancient knowledge. That's the Feng Shui confidently took his place in the life of Europeans. Let's see what advice the ancient science of the motion of energy flows in the enclosure housing can apply to Christmas trees are brought into our homes, good luck, health and prosperity.

Spruce as an element of the fire element

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Among all the trees Christmas trees - the ones with the crown in the shape of a triangle. Feng Shui believes triangle element of the fire element. Fire has long been ascribed mystical properties that can materialize the thoughts of man. Complements the magical properties of eating her fluffy needles - needles that are, in terms of esoteric, are agents of the celestial energy of Mars.
Wishes expressed in the New Year's Eve near the beautiful Christmas tree, be sure to materialize, especially if the room lit candles. Only need a very strong desire and how to ask the elegant tree. It will become a channel for the conduct of your desire to go where decisions are made about their performance.
Maybe so, dressed up real or artificial tree for the New Year, they decorate the delicate figures of angels. Let them keep and cherish all who are dear to those gathered for the feast. Candy, nuts in gold and silver paper, figure biscuits that are traditionally decorated Christmas trees are our grandparents, this stylized request made by the heavens, make the lives of well-fed and sweet.
Building on this tradition with a modern twist, hang on the tree toys, which will tell the universe about your secret dreams. Want a house - hang funny toy house with dreaming about the car - decorate fir branches avtomobilchiki funny, is not enough money - let notes decorate Christmas tree. And the tree will look extraordinary, and their desire to send a heavenly office. Strengthen the fire element will help the red thread, by which hung the original Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree and Feng Shui
The theory of Feng Shui says that the organization of internal space dwelling can redirect the flows of energy and affect our lives and good luck.
And Christmas trees - are no exception. If you want the coming year will bring us good luck in a business or personal life, need to put a Christmas tree in the right place.
If you dream of a pleasant change in his personal life, love, need to put a tree in the farthest from the entrance to the right corner. Ideal Christmas decorations in this case - hearts, ribbons, fresh toys in red and pink. To enhance the effect, connect a number of bumps hanging icicles or golden thread.
Those who wait for wealth and a substantial increase in revenues, it is recommended to put natural or artificial Christmas trees in distant from the entrance to the premises left corner. Your Christmas tree should glisten with gold and silver ornaments, coins, these cuts.
To move up the career ladder trees are placed opposite the entrance. Christmas decorations should be selected in accordance with the areas in which you crave success and recognition.
If you want addition to the family and dream about the kid, put a tree in the right near corner of the entrance. And the decorations, choose the appropriate - funny colorful toys, little animals, bright Christmas balls that children love. Left near corner represents friendship. Put back your New Year's beauty, and your house will be painted a warm and sincere friendship. To do this, decorate it with toys and trinkets that gave you friends. You can even specifically ask them for one Christmas tree decorations.
Want to solve all problems at once? Put the tree in the center of the room, hang it elektrogirlyandy and "necessary" Christmas decorations hang on the branches, addressed to the respective corners. And the coming year will bring you success and good luck in everything at once. Sly yet this science, feng shui! Do not believe me? New Year soon. Have the possibility to see the Christmas magic of feng shui.
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