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Articles about real estate | FENG SHUI OF DOMESTIC ANIMALS The most notable conductor of cosmic energy is a cat. External peace is combined with care and constant readiness to defend yourself and your space. Not a single movement of a cat does not just. Each step, every movement of this animal is full of meaning. Côte constantly monitors the order in the house, looking for where the bad, where you need to clear space, and any member of the family should be supported. Cats well see ghosts, great feel magnetic fields and fluctuations in the earth. So no doubt cats - beautiful psychics. The cat can perfectly cope with the beings from the astral world and protect his master from negative energy. In addition, the cat can avert calamity from home and save the master even of death. You can not hurt or punish a cat for no reason. Who hit a cat without fault, be sure to get injured.

Any Cat, whether your pet or yard inmate tries to remove the negative from others, or warn people about something. If a cat ran across the road from the floors, you can continue the road safely, it is completely withdrawn trouble. If the cat was gray - she saved you from losing things, colorful - from losing money, white - from death and black - from witchcraft. But if a cat ran across the road "in the floor" - his bosom, it is better not to go where you intended, because it failed to fully protect you, she managed only to warn you. I note that the cat in the apartment must be one.

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If you keep two cats, no astral energy and protection from them do not expect they will be occupied by only himself. Cat is able to telepathically communicate with man, can trace its owner in the energy space, even if it is at a distance.

As dogs, they communicate on the mental level (thoughts). They can broadcast their thoughts to man and forcing him to think so. Translation of this happens regardless of our desires. Dogs have the ability to transfer your character. They need to be careful, because at the time of severe irritation and anger, they are able to "curse" of the owner. The dog must know his place and sleep in the hallway or the kitchen, while she is busy and the protection will not affect the power of the person. If the dog is constantly dirtying the house, which means that it signals the owners that do not like them or she does not like to live here. In this case it is best to give the other dog owners. When a dog loves the hosts, then its owners is growing the number of executable desires.

In contrast to cats, dogs are afraid of thin beings and evil spirits. If it starts to pace the apartment, hide and tremble with fear, a sure sign that someone uninvited guests to wander into your apartment. Drawback is the fact that the negative nature may be moving into a dog (especially if it is a black suit). This is a very serious situation and deal with it seriously. If a person lacks self-confidence, the dog will be for him the best choice.
If we talk about merging, the cats and dogs can get along well with each other and in the energy, and in the physical sense, more importantly, to the territory of these animals were separated.

Birds are the generators of the information field. If you do not have enough information and you live alone, then the bird would you invaluable. In terms of urbanization and the huge flow of information, I would not advise Turns birds, especially if a family has children. Communicate with birds leads to folly, indiscretion, disobedience, and excessive pride. Energetically birds do not get along with any cats or dogs. And not only that the cat will hunt for birds. Birds are capable of destroying power protection posed by these animals. Birds get along with only fish or amphibians, but it threatens to overstretch the owners of the psyche, which would not like to feel in an already difficult time.

An excellent tool for the harmonization of the space are the fishes. They create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, feed off human energy, and even able to restore power within the chakras, depending on the color. Aquarium is a very powerful tool feng shui. But to use it very carefully, preferably prior consultation with the master, as the wrong location in the space of an aquarium can not attract money luck, but rather contribute to the loss of money.

As for rodents, then keep them in an apartment I do not recommend, because they hamper the spiritual and material growth of their hosts, pushing them to engage only household. Another thing, the representative of amphibians - a turtle. It will ease, comfort and fill your home an energy of wisdom and a steady movement forward. Tortoise and the fish perfectly complement each other and get along well together, bringing harmony to their masters.

And in conclusion, that the choice of a four-legged pet must be treated very seriously: - It is important that the animal gave you an aesthetic pleasure - in your home should be enough space for its location, and you must find time to communicate with him. Learn to communicate with his little friend and he can not only protect you but will make harmony in our frivolities.

Master Feng Shui Elena Vardimiadi
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