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12.11.2010 20:28
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui: correct problem Did you know that in Ukraine at the time there were principles of construction of houses similar to those on which the many-sided teaching of Feng Shui?

It is unknown whether there was ever in Ukraine, the development of knowledge, similar to the teachings of ancient Chinese Feng Shui. Probably not. And this is his explanation

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The fact that the entire Chinese science, unlike the Russian and European, which was originally recognized the "field theory" and "wave theory" in contemporary language, and they built their practices.

In Europe and in Ukraine based on the science of mechanics, Euclidean geometry and had no right to contradict the omnipotent Church, who claimed that everything that we do not understand, is a manifestation of God's will and nothing more. Only in the last two centuries, physics has recognized the existence of fields, waves and the influence of objects at each other from a distance.

"The point of the Dragon
When buying a holiday home or choosing a site for its construction, first and foremost, you must determine the location of the so-called point of the Dragon - the area where the concentration of chi a maximum. If you liked on the territory there are ponds or hills, you need to place the building facade to the water, and it must be positioned just below the rear of the house, protected by hills.

If this area is a river, then try to fit organically into the structure of the natural landscape, without violating its feng shui. This allows you to make maximum use of qi to strengthen the energy potential of your home.

It is important to explore the entire site and its shape. Most Chinese cities and temples built on the square plots, feng-shui in building a house recommends that you use the same rule. The square symbolizes spirituality, therefore, is favorable in all respects for the erection of the house.

Rectangle is also considered a favorable form for the Building plot, especially if it stretches along South-North ". The plot in the form of a trapezoid, narrower side of which lies in front of the house, and the wide behind him, become a source of wealth and honor for the families who settled here. Progress and development can be expected in all areas of its members, as the energy will be concentrated on the area of the plot and came off all its inhabitants.
Form or content?

Feng Shui of the building. The external appearance of buildings should impress balance, then its residents will be pleased to be in it. With work and school, they will rush home to be in an atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and harmony.

Dimensions and proportions of the house must be balanced by any known methods. Equilibrium may be symmetrical and asymmetrical. In the symmetrical construction of all the design elements, yin and yang should be placed about the central axis.

Asymmetric building can also produce a sense of equilibrium, if its constituent shapes, the colors related to the yin and yang, combine deliberation and complement each other.

The form of the house has, like all the elements of Feng Shui, symbolic meaning, may be interpreted as favorable or unfavorable. For example, a square shape (the shape of the Earth) is very favorable for home man of Earth, Fire and Metal.

This home can be a real fortress, as it has a small height, flat roof, protects against evil spirits and stress, moreover, yin and yang are balanced.

In its design (for registration of door and window openings, ceilings) can use the forms that symbolize the earth-friendly elements, trying not to disturb the balance of yin and yang. This will not create conflict, imbalance of the elements, but on the contrary, will only strengthen the quality of the Earth and make new ones, no less useful.

In the house of Earth will be appropriate rounded or pointed roofs, arched ceilings, jagged or round decorative elements (motifs patterns of masonry, forged parts, carved ornaments).

"Reflections at the main entrance"
Feng Shui of the building depends on the proper organization of its internal space, that is, from its layout. There are a number of general rules, observing that you can achieve the ideal of Feng Shui.

For example, in order to determine the best place to locate the front door, it is advisable to consult with an expert on Feng Shui. In addition, there are other influencing factors, such as sources of the ball, the wind direction.

The main entrance should be protected from the weather: blowing in one direction, wind, direct sunlight. Typically, the door is placed at the point where chi to all concentrated in this place positive energy fell into the house.

Window is in such a way that they kept chi, did not let her out of the house. That's why they ought to have a certain size and placed in the right direction and at the same time ensure good aeration.

Direct sunlight should not penetrate through the windows inside the house, however, as well as dust, cold or too hot air. However, natural lighting should be efficient and not too bright, visually enlarge the space of each room and either enhance or neutralize (by the owner) the value of the colors used in the interior.

Any of these external factors can upset the balance of yin and yang, you create indoors, so responsibly Treat the choice of window units and monitor the work on their installation.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui is not recommended to place the ladder in the center of the house or directly opposite the main entrance. Also, experts do not approve of the choice in favor of spiral stairs - it creates a negative Feng Shui and is very dangerous for health and safety of living in a house of people.

The kitchen can not be placed opposite the main entrance, as well as in the northern part of the building, and a place for a toilet and bath, choose, identify positive and negative direction of the house, each family member. Most unfortunate from the perspective of feng shui direction for the location of the toilet - the north-east.

It is impossible to equip the house garage. Movement of vehicles could have a negative impact on the health of residents, call them a sense of concern, insecurity. Ideally, the corridors should be spacious, with good lighting, as the narrow and dark corridors, stairways impede the promotion of qi through the house, holding back the flow of positive energy.

The width of corridors shall be such that the two colliding could break up without hurting each other. Avoid long straight corridors with many doors on both sides, they create a ball. It is important that the doors of rooms, located on opposite sides of the corridor or hallway, there were exactly opposite each other. Otherwise, their owners will be constantly at odds.

In short, everyone today who is going to erect a house and wants his home met all the requirements and harmonize with the topography, without the teaching of Feng Shui will be difficult to manage. As we learned from this review, the home and the area desirable in the very early stage - even at design time. This will allow you not only save time and money, but also to avoid changes and modifications after construction.
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