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16.11.2010 09:39
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui By The Numbers Have you ever noticed how subtly change your mood whenever you cross the threshold of your own home? Watch for yourself, and you will see that this is so. In ancient times, people paid much attention to everything that concerned the location of their lives. City of ancient India were built by repeating in terms of the human body, to symbolize the harmonic structure of the universe. This approach to architecture, now known as "Wistar" is still amazing.

In China, and now there is the ancient art of "Feng Shui" (literally - "Wind-Water"). Wizard "Feng Shui", skillfully combining the position of the house with its internal composition, could have an impact on the lives and welfare of the owners of the home. Known and ancient settlements in the Urals, in terms of reproducing the Zodiacal circle. Small fragments of this amazing holistic system attitude to the world, we often unconsciously use and now: sleeping head to the north, put flowers in a dysfunctional place ... our home starts from the door, but we never think: what is it? The door looks like an arch, it has two parts, it turns on its hinges, it can pop, it separates the internal space from the outside, connects visitors and hosts. The door can be judged against the hosts to the world, if it - the entrance, and to each other - if it is a door inside the house. According to ancient beliefs, distorted, always slamming doors, signified a breach of the peace, harmony and just relations between people, their masters could courting disaster of up to conflict with the law, as testified to their lack of integrity and inability to keep his word.

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Front doors of luxury mansions decorated family crests and mottos, portals and doors of churches - sculpture and ornamental carving, its intricate weave the language of the ecclesiastical symbolism meant a stratagem of human lives. That is to say, encrypted messages, but sometimes used and present, albeit in an unconventional way: in a Catholic chapel above the entrance to the square, lined by cells (5x5) were written letters, made up for reading in any direction - right left, left to right, top-down and bottom up - the following phrase: Sator apero tenet opera rotas ", which translated from Latin means something like:" The sower and the reaper perform actions in a circle. "Thus expresses the idea of absolute justice to each: thy righteous judgments, Lord! "

And what is written on the doors of every one of us? Russia has firmly taken root numbering system - and in apartments, and homes. It is a pity, because in England, for example, there is a tradition to give homeowners - not only the mansion, but also ordinary types - poetic names, like "Flower Field", "Poplar stable", "Court herons. Abstract as figures in the rooms of our apartments, it would seem, cause no emotions and do not mean anything. But pifagoriytsev, however, there was another way of looking at things. Pythagoras considered numbers as independent entities with their character and personality, which yielded comparable with the planets and their influence. Each number corresponded to his own planet, the conductor where it was. Influence is determined by the numerological sum - the numbers of complex numbers stacked up until not obtained primes - guides the planets. For example, the number 157 was represented as 1 5 7 = 13 = 1 3 = 4. Now let's see how correlated the number of your apartment and the atmosphere of your home from the perspective of one of the numerological systems.

Figure 1
Under the influence of the sun. Creative energy, joie de vivre. This place promotes creative expression, allows a person to show up, stand out, attract attention of others. Here, life is good artists, writers - all those in whose case sensitive personal position, whose calling - to cover the lives of others: it can be poets, writers and journalists. Such housing would help them, not forgetting the eternal, honestly and objectively capture this: knowing about the bad, love life and enjoy the good things - of your home play an important role various fixtures. They stand out, attract attention. Dominated by bright colors, orange-red. The whole atmosphere at home - a little beach, carefree, open. The unit checks the man: if he has a good heart, the house will sparkle when evil - is inevitable dominance of flies, spiritual and material decay, while carefree and naplevatelstvo can bring to a heart attack.

Number 2
Under the influence of the Moon. Intuition, meditation. It will be good for those who work with young children or in the food sector, as well as clean rivers and canals. Musicians playing in folk style, will find new themes. The apartment is above all attention is drawn to the mirror, and a bathroom. Colors of the interior - in the dairy, soft shades of cream, can of emerald green. In humans, unbalanced, with unstable mentality may worsen mental illness, there may be bouts of hysteria. In such a case - if it's not gone too far - you can lock yourself in the bathroom and turned on the water and sit there alone to calm down.

Figure 3
Under the influence of Mars. Will. Here we must act and not sit in meditation. Place where decisions must be taken quickly, otherwise they will be for you. At times you feel that you - or fire the operative. In a soft option - a mechanic or carpenter. At least no one at home will not claim that you are sitting idle. And it does not take long - water will require a thorough repair, and tables and chairs - small fixes. Generally, all the time, will want to do something. And do not be lazy, and you can get sick and seriously, perhaps even surgery. So will have an uncalled energy. Most active colors - all shades of red. The most comfortable seats in the house - toilet (pardon!) and hallway. Avoid quarrels and manhandling: you can provoke.

Figure 4
Influenced by MERCURY. Contacts. Make some eloquence: the maximum load in the house falls on your phone and your ability to think. Here you will feel the telephone manager or stockbroker. You will be doomed to handshake (or bitie's hands - depending on your honesty). Do not tell lies and do not enter anyone astray - all returned in the same currency.

Favorable scale: blue with yellow, blue and gray. Collaborations are those devices from which you can get any information. Often draws a walk or go on a journey.

Figure 5
Under the influence of Jupiter. Extension. That's where the sure to be a large library. Deal here only want something comprehensive: politics, science - that can bring people together based on some general ideas. Perhaps it will be a spiritual union, a sort of church. Residents of such homes are likely to want to blow away (abroad, including the unknown, the main thing - not abroad permitted). Auspicious color - purple. Home decorate things from afar, and bronze ware, as well as globes and telescopes. Do not let the will of anger, but sometimes and pulls flare up: take care of the liver.

Number 6
Under the influence of Venus. Here, everyone seems to be created for relaxation, love and comfort. You can feast with friends, singing songs. Owners - the people are very warm, with good taste, many will be able to improvise, to make the house cozy and comfortable. Expertly and deliciously prepared. In the worst case - is overweight brawler, and house them - an appropriate one. Amid a lot of great, soft items: sofas and carpets. Colors - warm, personal, brownish. The house is very often live cat or a dog, many colors. Becoming a pull to stay among wildlife - do not deny yourself this. If you really want to throw a scandal, first think about who is really to blame: someone else or yourself. If you swear not got sick, most of all - the last one.

Number 7
Under the influence of Saturn. This is where life - a test! In all respects! Living here is very difficult: all the time, cold, hunger, stuffy, haunt all restrictions that fetter the circumstances. But it is - the best place for the mastery, the profession, for savings. If you lived here the man himself is not aware of the need to sit in silence and reflect on his life, he gets back to its "imperfections" in the form of problems with his spine and forced mobility limitation: osteoarthritis, salt deposits, etc. But here's great at cleansing fasting, exercise on concentration exercises Hathayogoy.

The dominant color - dark blue.

Figure 8
Under the influence of Uranus. Freedom, surprise, mutual. Place to meet with the faithful old friends and gaining new ones. Here particularly good at any new initiatives and inventions. Glassblowers, astrologers and clairvoyants, amateur paranormal phenomena and innovative technologies will feel here is very organic. Rationalists, materialists and pragmatists will not receive anything but plans collapsed, damaged nerves and confusion. Window glass should be thoroughly washed. Be careful with electricity! Preferred colors - the entire range of the rainbow and sky blue.

Figure 9
Under the influence of Neptune. It's - too hard place. If you do - do not ... do not oilman, not a sailor and not a psychic, not a musician and not a priest, then you will not be easy. Trouble with water, a painful addiction, craving for alcohol and tobacco, the endless search for the disappeared from under the hand of subjects at a time when they most need - it all took up arms against your shattered psyche of sleepless nights. Beware of poisonous substances, learn the realities of the invisible world.
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