Feng Shui and colors: the energy under the control

25.09.2010 17:29
Articles about real estate | Feng Shui and colors: the energy under the control The art of being successful and prosperous gives us the old Chinese sages science of feng shui. It turns out that if properly allocate space near her house, you can learn to control the flow of positive energy, and consequently bring harmony into your life, prosperity and mutual understanding. A help in this competent organization, of course, plants.

"Energy can be controlled, say the Chinese, and we all gradually become their followers, - said Vitaly Kowalewski, Ph.D., a member of the research center of flower portal Beauty.by. Plants in this complicated case are not the last, if not leading role, because, according to the Chinese, it is the flowers are a source of positive, creative energy. "

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First of all, experts in feng shui are advised to use the so-called rule of four animals. For example, the elevation at the rear of the house must be like to defend the rear, the section called "black turtle" in the direction of the house (if you stand back to him) on the left there is a zone of "green dragon", right - "White Tiger", the facade of protecting the "Red Phoenix.

Following these characters, the house, if there is no natural hills, you can put a fence or to plant trees, preferably with rounded crown. To protect the zone of "black turtle", you can also do rock gardens.

Zone "red phoenix", which provides easy access to the energy sector, it would be good too, decorate some elevation to power smoothly to circulate through the site. And in this case there will help the flowers. Flower beds, small fountains, and if space allows, and the pond will save the situation.

Zone, located on the sides of the house, should also protect the plants. Zone "dragon" is better done helplessly, landed there trees, and in the zone "Tiger" is quite suitable shrubs.

Of course, the cane will not grow in our latitude and our lands, so before you book naughty Exotic, consult with experts.

Yes, and strictly follow the moon or the so-called zodiac calendar as experts do not recommend. In addition to the revival of old cultural tradition, is also important adaptation to local conditions, because, as they say that China is well on Slavic spaces can be at best a misunderstanding, at worst - waste of money and ruined by the plant.

"Go here should not only from the wise counsel, but also from his experience and wisdom - the Council employee portal Beauty.by. - Explore the local climatic conditions, soil types, consider the light-or shade-requiring plants and then to them with the rules of the ancient teachings. Often, these axioms need to remind young growers. After all, if you listened to these simple truths, then the positive energy will be, and your labor is not wasted. "

Have a nice energy in feng shui and flower abundance in the flowerbeds!
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