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20.10.2009 10:35
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First, it is necessary to intensify the energy center of the living room, it was she on feng shui is responsible for the soundness and stability of your financial situation. Center - is the heart of the entire energy structure of your home, so what is happening here echoes smashed on the remaining areas. Since the center is associated with the element earth, then to activate it then place the clay objects - statues, pots, jugs, etc. This will increase your physical position and will pay greater attention to detail in business because they often cause an unstable situation .

Remember, a tiny pebble at the base staggers the whole tower. In addition, activation of this zone is directly related to the element Earth, so here is well to place decorative pebbles, you can even sea. Very good place interior plants.

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Center should always be well lit, ideally - a crystal chandelier. But it should not be massive, should not hang from the ceiling, the sword of Damocles.

To better enhance the chi of the sector in its need to store money. They are family capital, the foundation of the family, and consequently, will draw energy from the space necessary to stabilize your financial foundation.

As a reliable foundation consists of a harmonious combination of the energy zone of marriage, wealth and career, then make sure that they never swore, drank no alcohol, no smoking, do not watch films with scenes of violence. This will "infect" the positive energy of other sectors. In addition, there shall be placed in the abstract avant-garde paintings - a "pull up" the base for your family budget. In the center of everything should be clear and unambiguous, that is, the image should reflect the idea of solidity, confidence, responsibility, etc.

In order to "building" of your business stood firmly on feng shui living center should always be free, maximum, that there should be - a small coffee table and then to the extent possible - transparent. What is the center and the foundation does not mean that it is necessary to place the "solid" things - the heavy dressers, sideboards, huge oak tables, etc. On the contrary, in the center should be spacious enough to power all the directions it can freely circulate and engage in harmonious ¬ based relations. Otherwise, everything will turn into chaos and all the energy of a house or apartment "minimizes" the energy ball of endless problems that washed-up might lead to disease and severe financial problems.
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