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Articles about real estate | Features of suburban life Perhaps one of the most obvious advantages of a country house is its location directly in the midst of natural beauty. Fresh air, birds singing, the morning dew on the leaves and other inaccessible inhabitant metropolis amazing stuff trump even such virtues of country life as, say, independent heating, possibility to park the car did not stop the three from home, but right next door, no dull neighbors, who, of course, listen to "wrong" music, etc., etc. In fact, that can compare with the ability to make only a step and not step on the asphalt pavement, and barefoot on a lawn- ants or paved with natural stone garden path! And agreed it would be foolish to shield from all this magnificence blank walls and windows, loopholes.
Today's happy owners of their own cottages jealously watching in order to nature as possible organically and scale interact with their living environment. Thus, in light of recent suburban fashion paid more attention to construction of verandas and terraces, suggesting a maximum glazing. And in other rooms windows are increasingly seeking to the maximum, often completely replacing the traditional walls.
However, such spectacular revelations of modern architecture are hidden, usually behind a high fence, because of which the prying eyes only opened the upper floors of the home. Partake of the contemplation of such contemporary architecture can be, except that leafing through the pages of fashion magazines interior, visually convincing that space now a country house is eager to merge with nature. Boundary of the house and the landscape appears only plane glass; business associations are even sliding doors and partitions, which allows mobility in the summer and did destroy unnecessary barriers between the living environment and natural spaces. One problem - the summer in our latitudes, as is known, is never too much ... so reliable after all the glass.

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Under the roof of the house
Another undoubted advantage of a country house - an opportunity to leverage the space under the roof. Of course, the attic a long time and are firmly rooted in the external appearance of cities, large and small, however, agree that in the city attic - not the most common form of dwelling. Outside the city the same day, definitely, it's hard to find a private house without a well-equipped space under the roof.
It would seem, only recently attic space played a role purely old interior, where life is observed only with the arrival of warmer days - or rather, nights, as the upper floor of a house is usually sleeping. Today's attic - it is quite different.
Modern insulation materials and manufacture of reliable window designs allow maximum use of high-grade square meters of housing under the roof. And the attic is optimal not only for sleeping rooms. This area is lawfully claiming the title of the private part of the house, ideal for decorating the nursery.
In addition, privacy from the bustling, full of life and motion of the space on the ground floor makes the attic could not be more appropriate to create, for example, an office or library. Often a single, not divided by walls and doors of the room under the roof is another cozy living room, home theater system - in other words, area in which to spend time as a range of household, and in the company of friends. Naturally, the options for finishing attic spaces exist in abundance. Starting from, say, a traditional lining and finishing with advanced design elements such as exposed beams, rafters, masonry, in combination with other textures on display, or decorated with corrugated boxes of communication, etc. The meaning of the premises does not change, and the attic is attic, and so thus the advantage enjoyed by only a small number of city apartments. In contrast to the countryside, where the absence of such a well-appointed rooms under the roof can be considered an exception.

Up and down the stairs
Perhaps, in almost every country house there are stairs. Depending on the style rooms and cottages on the whole it may be a design in several marches, made of various materials, usually wood and metal elements. In an environment at home, reminding home early last century - with stained glass windows, wrought pieces of furniture, textiles, and an abundance of characteristic colors - it will be appropriate screw.
Without going into details of the merits or shortcomings of the stairs, we should state that it is one of the most significant style-forming elements. Suspended construction on the stringer and Kosourov - great for minimalist interiors and the situation in the hi-tech style.
Stairs, allowing the free movement of different levels, it becomes another hallmark of a private house. And even in light of recent suburban architecture, gravitating to a horizontal type of construction, which fits perfectly into the concept of closest approach of the interior and the surrounding natural landscape of the house, the staircase indestructible and eternal.
No matter what stage it does not lead to the second floor (or above) and serve merely as a symbol - the boundary between areas of the house, passing, for example, from the guest in private. Not the essence, that the next area it becomes a separate room, not a small square, enclosed by railings. Steps in the interior - here, perhaps, that can be found in almost any country house. Certainly, in Petersburg apartment stairs is not such a rarity. However, in most cases it has been and remains an attribute and a privilege it is cottage.

Shine on brightly
This is truly something that has removed itself from the dank and wet city in a cozy private cottage life, so it's a fireplace. In contrast to the stove, which has traditionally served as not only an ornament, but also functionally conditioned element suburban environment, a fireplace, we are proud. Fireplace is not hiding bashfully somewhere behind the kitchen door, on the contrary, its presence in the house strongly emphasized. Today, as technological progress allows to think not only about the severe need for survival in a local "permafrost" and provides the greatest opportunity for the heating of any size, the fireplace was bright, but only a decorative element, without which none the less a country house interior is unthinkable.
Urban fireplace that is here and there adorn the apartment, does not always come true - with live fire and the pleasant smell of smoke, while outside the city electric fireplace is much rarer. In nature strives to be all natural.
And if the fire becomes the protagonist living room or, for example, a bedroom, it certainly involves a full range of activities such as: fuel the fire, lying in the furnace picturesque birch chocks, manipulations with long fireplace matches, and finally, the pleasure of contemplation of the living tongues of flame a characteristic crackling firewood.
Needless to say, that the fireplace variety of today allows you to select the necessary for a particular model of the interior - from the classic portals lined with natural stone to a truly stunning design samples, made of tempered glass and metal of all kinds, beautifully hung from the ceiling and rotating after moving people in the room. In the end, everything depends on the question of price. However, for many of today's interiors, including (or rather it would say more so) country, the issue is not worth as such. After all, perfection, if you remember, as well as the human imagination, there is no limit.

It is known that without water ...
But it is impossible to arrange in a city apartment and that the flood country cottages, so it's pool. Or rather, a complex that includes not only the water bowl for a nice leisure facilities and a sauna with a sauna, gym and even in the bargain. In fact, if the other blessings of civilization under appropriate conditions, it is still possible to get a living out of the reach of this form of transport as the metro, here's pool will always be the prerogative of purely "rural."
Social welfare and the resulting rise in popularity of healthy lifestyle virtually guarantee the existence of the pool every second cottage, built in the last few years in our area.
Of course, a swimming pool basin strife. Somewhere reasonable cost considerations dictate quite adequate size bowl, leaving behind it only the status of trusted tools in the fight against stress and diseases of the spine. In other cases, the pool is evidence of material wealth and ambitions of the owner. Then we can talk about the disproportionately aqueous space enclosed, usually under a separate roof terraces and surrounded by a glass conservatory with seating and a bar, lost in the depths of tropical greenery. What can I say, any kind of pool has a right to exist. The more so because of its decoration is a true aesthetic delight. Given the variety of ceramic products available today, the pool can be transformed into a work of art. The spectrum of stylization is practically unlimited. Agree, nice in the sun is not spoiled by the North-West, throwing clothes and wearing a bathing suit and cap, step into the territory of the sultry Mediterranean, to be in the atmosphere of the tropics, say, or find yourself on the Red Sea coast.
But the advantages of suburban life is not exhaustive listing of these and other advantages of their own cottage. The presence of much larger area than standard assumes Townhouse, respectively, and extends opportunities for planning and decorating the space. After all, a country house originally built in accordance with the needs and demands of the family. Therefore, it is usually not necessary to subsequently demolish the walls, erecting new ones, and increase floor space by reducing their number. Therefore, to argue about the benefits of your own home is akin to a comparative analysis of, say, the product of domestic car industry and even if not the most luxurious, but foreign cars. Certainly, the commitment-town way of life is unlikely to ever take the form of total epidemic, but not to recognize the advantages of staying in nature, and even in luxury - this is hardly dare to even the most "hardened" citizen.
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