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29.04.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate | Features buying real estate in crisis In the last month, the vast majority of developers have already raised the prices of their apartments by 10-20%. We understood what difficulties faced by buyers and sellers square meters.

Sharp rise in the dollar reflected in both the primary and secondary housing market. Prices per square meter in UAH rising and the dollar falling. The experts say that some developers have stopped construction , and this, of course, affect the timing of delivery and commissioning of many houses .

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DEVELOPERS changing price tags

If you saved for the coveted new apartment in UAH , then I have some bad news. In the last month, the vast majority of developers have already raised the prices of their apartments by 10-20%. Online advertisements are emerging phrases like " our prices are fixed at 9.0 or 9.5 UAH . " . It is easy to calculate that in this case, the rise in price is about 12-20 %.

Hurry and need to pay to those who pay in installments. The fact that most of the recent sale of property developers have practiced a kind of installment when people paid full price for future flat stages , monthly or quarterly , until its commissioning .

- We prepare the price for some objects , for those who have partially paid their cost - told us in one of the largest construction companies . - Call all we can not, therefore, advise investors to enter the site . A few days before the price increase , we made ​​an announcement that people have time to make a payment on the old rates .

Some developers have decided to wait and do the hard times . The capital was frozen biggest project, which involves building an entire neighborhood. A total area of ​​1.5 million square meters. Apartments for sale in the planned 45 homes was scheduled to begin in March , but instead froze construction contractor . Presumably it can resume only at the end of the year.

Naturally, all without exception, developers promise to finish ongoing projects , but experts do not exclude a minimum delay at the end of the construction work.

Now developers will try to find a balance of supply and demand . After the price increase , with a decrease in demand , they will hold shares with discounts and sales at lower prices .

Estimated developers themselves , the rise in prices in the primary market will be observed for 12-15 months.

- Today, construction companies, which are present in the market, did not respond to an ultrafast change in the cost of building materials - said the head of a construction company Basil Mozhar . - They are either slightly reduced the amount of work to reduce costs , or clearly aware that it will occur , bought materials and made the stock for 2-3 months in order to withstand the pressure fluctuations in the dollar. Reasonable developer in any case is not evident in the extreme, he patiently waits for opportunities to change their price on the market. If the dollar change in the upward market will react to it and be sure to raise their prices. This will happen within 1 year - 15 months.

SECONDARY MARKET moved to the hryvnia

Once in February, the secondary housing market froze in March he was somewhat excited. For example, according to the company SV Development, in the capital in the last month of winter has sold 412 apartments in the secondary market and 694 in unfinished homes. Also in March, was recorded a surge in activity . In the secondary market have bought and sold in 1320 , and in the primary - 870 apartments. Experts attribute this to the fact that after the rise in the dollar , many citizens who took money from the banks , decided to invest it in something tangible .

- In April, the activity of buyers has fallen , - explained the situation expert company SV Development Sergey Kostecki . - Expect fewer transactions in April .

According to him, still sold well only those apartments which sellers have fixed price in local currency at the old rate .

Among the main problems the secondary housing market expert calls unstable operation of a number of banks. In addition, many buyers are afraid of heightened political situation with Russia . Normalization of the situation on the market Sergey Kostecki predicts a few months after the presidential election and receiving the first tranche from the IMF. Up to this point the prices just will not grow .

Started having problems with ASSESSMENT

By the above-described problems and issues were added to the assessment of real estate for tax purposes.

- Several years sold his house and lot in the village - we complained to one of the readers . - Gradually reduce the price , and that there was a buyer . Agreed on 25 thousand dollars. But when we started doing real estate appraisal , we counted 45,000 dollars , and even at the rate of about 13 hryvnia per dollar. That is, I need to pay taxes than the real amount of the transaction , and almost twice as much .

Moreover , according to the reader , some notaries did not want to pursue the deal, if he will pay excessive taxes , but will be specified in the contract the actual amount of the transaction.

The fact that there is a problem with the assessment , and showed two different appraisers Congress that recently took place in the capital. Recall that the evaluation procedure definitely changed from February 1 , when registration of transactions with hors documents issued by the appraisers that have not undergone special training and passed exams . If before this kind of activity engaged in more than 10 thousand of evaluation activity , then on Friday, there were only 556 companies. And it affected the price of their services. If used for assessing pay 300 UAH . , In recent months it has grown to 1300 UAH .

At its congress evaluators , which was removed from the activities , of course, demanded the cancellation of the order and return to the old system .


The rental market also has been a decline . Due to economic problems many tenants returned to his home in the regions because of the number of transactions in the capital is reduced.

According to SV Development, in March in Kiev was leased 506 apartments. For comparison , at the end of last year the figure was 1200-1300 objects.

In this context, most rental prices untied from dollars and recorded in UAH . Experts say that prices have gone down a bit .

- If before one-bedroom apartments in the capital surrendered from 3500 UAH . , Now have options for 2.8 - 3.0 thousand hryvnia - told us in one of the realty company . - To keep prices may only hosts who did not raise their last year or two .

Rising prices for rental property , experts predict since August , when the city are starting to go students .



Now experts predict that in the conditions of a sharp devaluation of hryvnia primary real estate market players began to experience financial famine . As a result of the construction work on many construction sites may be suspended , and real estate developers may become massively to declare themselves bankrupt . Hardest hit by this ordinary investors who have already invested their money in the purchase of apartments in buildings under construction . Able to return already invested in the construction money from a simple investor today is not so much .

"The ability to get a refund for already purchased an apartment investor depends on the type of the signed contract and from whom he concluded. , The bulk of fair contract rather indirectly protect the interests of the developer, rather than the investor - no one wants to have to return to" join " in the construction investment voluntarily " - says a senior lawyer law firm " Alekseev, Boyarchuk and Partners " Elena Belova .

According to experts, the situation is complicated by the fact that investors in Ukraine virtually no mechanisms to verify the financial health of the company-builder . This ties the hands and allows you to determine the future of the bankrupt .

To avoid an unpleasant situation in the primary real estate market , the expert advised to look for the objects that have built a company-builder , and communicate with investors already placed in service .
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