Favorable and unfavorable home

24.10.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | Favorable and unfavorable home When you live in a house with good feng shui, you do not leave a sense of wellbeing. You are healthy and energetic. Your career is doing well and there are opportunities for advancement. Revenues grow over time and with all people supported smooth relations. Your mental attitude positive. Your children learn well in school, and both husband and wife - a husband and wife - take on in their lives and live together with each other harmony.

If you had the misfortune to live in a house with bad feng shui, your life becomes more and more severe, and colorless. All or almost all, what could happen bad happens. Opportunities are in short supply, and even when they appear, you discover that you can not use them. There are quarrels and misunderstandings, illness and health problems. Every now and then you get trapped and you happen bummer. Relationships within the family and with strangers does not add up perfectly. You suffer losses, and in extreme cases, carry great financial loss. The disease may be incurable. Children are restless and disobedient, and both husband and wife get stuck in a quagmire of problems and diseases. Life becomes quite unbearable. Bad Feng Shui should be corrected as soon as possible would-Stray.

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If you are suffering from bad Feng Shui, you can and should somehow deal with it. Regularly examine your house and step reveals what could be causing your bad luck. As a rule, it is not difficult to diagnose and then clean the problem areas.

Adjustment of Feng Shui does not have to be complicated. Often the solution is very simple. There is also no need to call an expert Feng Shui, as a lot of Feng Shui is so elementary that you are able to cope with it yourself. Do not believe those who make you consider Feng Shui as a spiritual (spiritualistic), requiring the inclusion of psychic and unconscious forces. Feng shui - an ancient practice, surprisingly scientific. In fact, Feng Shui gained significant popularity just because it is so easy to practice. Anyone can practice feng shui, including you.

The Chinese practice of Feng Shui goals. It's part of our cultural tradition, many Chinese, whose ancestors emigrated from China, even getting educated in the West, continued to practice Feng Shui. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Feng-shui - a way of life. Business people will never move into a new house without first checking its feng shui, and most old-timers and do not prefer to move from their seats, regardless of their level of income. And in what they believe: success was born in their ancestral home.

They say that the new Governor of Hong Kong, C. X. Thun, chose to live in their own home and find a new office, as is convinced that home and the office of the retired of the latter British governor was a bad Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is very popular among the Chinese population in Singapore and Malaysia. Knowledge of Feng Shui has penetrated to the West, where it is manifested considerable interest because of its effectiveness. When correctly practicing the principles of Feng Shui really improve your luck - and it's costing you quite inexpensive.
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