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25.11.2010 07:11
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At the turn of the 80-90 in Russia were canceled, many stupid inhibitions, including the one that the house on the garden site should be no more than six by six meters. The first reaction to freedom, "says Natalia Vetlugina, head of analytical department of" New Town ", became a" modified hacienda "- people just attach to their homes an additional bedroom, someone - billiards and even swimming pools. About how it looks outside, do not think anyone - the house turned out to be as composed of "cubes". Especially if we remember that the money people had little and often delayed construction for years.
The next stage was already "locks". They can be considered a significant step forward - in any case, the owners think about how their home looks from the outside. This concern, however, looked more specifically: everyone wanted to be home was higher and steeper than the neighbor. Pinnacle sought to heaven, and the difference in meter and a half in height were seen as a personal insult ...
Year since 1995 in Moscow appears architecture, at least slightly different from the "castle". The reason is obvious: people began to travel around the world and saw how they live in other countries. The first pancakes, as usual, obtained by a clod: that built chalet on a completely flat field, then erect something Mediterranean, with huge windows and patio, to which our climate is obviously no ...

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Besides, what is considered fashionable and contemporary today, our market has come, in 2003. This is a single architectural style of the whole village, the most "enlightened" fences, houses, in which a lot of air and light. In addition, notes Jeanne Potapkina, head of sales department "Alltek Development", today's buyers appreciate the neighborhood with woods and pond - the last, however, only if all the legal aspects resolved perfectly.

Commensurability of needs
In the early 90's in this setting, the dimensions of the plot, almost no attention paid. Structure of 1000 sq ft or more allotments to grow at 6-8, a maximum of 10 hectare. However, gradually come to understand that it is not only ugly, but uncomfortable - to see from his window only the walls of neighboring houses. Therefore, a clear trend has been to increase the size of the site - now for the village, claiming the status of the elite, they must be at least 25-30 hectare. The only exception is Rublyovka: for there the cost of land, amounting to $ 300 thousand sq.m., and a 15 hectare - quite an elite facility.
With regard to the size of the house, everything is more complicated. People wishing to have a huge space, the market remained, and - as this demand is quite platezhesposobeny - for them there are proposals in the 1000 square meters, and in 1500. However, this facility mansion type: on a huge plot (1 ha), with different structures (security house, swimming pool, stables, indoor tennis courts). Most buyers of all this seems to excesses, and the optimal size for today expensive house - 600-700 sq ft, which allows you to put everything necessary for life. Huge in size home - it's more expensive operation (eg, heating large rooms will be overlaid, even for very wealthy people), and many attendants. According to knowledgeable people in the cottages, built about 15 years ago is now very common in this situation: the owners enjoy the 5.4 rooms, and everything else - is locked.

Beach for two
In addition to architecture and size, there were changes in the perception of other aspects. The first country houses of wealthy people to build partnerships in the summer, in the villages - in short, where was able to buy land. However, c mid-90's began to appear organized settlements. "During this period in vogue closed - says Timur Saifutdinov, CEO of Terra-Real Estate. - Tired of crimson jackets, six hundredth "geldings and other elements of the" parade of life "millionaires wanted privacy. But the club villages had their obvious shortcomings: the absence of infrastructure in the suburbs of decent level, it was necessary to create in the village, but it's expensive. A new milestone was the construction of the village "Nikolino" in 1999 - it was both the first village with a single architectural concept, and megaposelok for 250 homes. At the same time at the disposal of the residents had a full set of infrastructure - restaurants and cafes, fitness club, clinic, SPA, Medical Center, clubs, and bath facilities and swimming pools, tennis courts and bowling, beach and boat station, gas station and car wash, shopping " .
But the latest trend, says Valery Mishchenko, director of development of investment and construction holding RODEX GROUP, may be called the beginning of construction in the suburbs megaposelkov on thousands of hectares. The realization of such projects over the last year announced about five companies.
The quality and range of infrastructure, of course, depend on the price range of the settlement. "In the group of de luxe, - says Nina Reznichenko, head of the country real estate company IntermarkSavills, - a lot of attention paid to location, architectural projects, topography, availability of water and forest. In the territory may be located golf course, marina (in the settlements on the "big water"), an extensive recreation area with a cascade of lakes, etc. The area of the settlement can reach several tens of hectares, despite the small number of houses. In business class focuses on transport accessibility and infrastructure. As a rule, there will be pre-schools, schools, shopping centers, sports clubs and restaurants. The number of houses in the village can reach 350 or more. "
Fashion for the countryside

Mastering Environment

Mass transfer of wealthy citizens of the city "pulled" for a restaurateur, cosmetologists, instructors, and other operators of luxury market. If earlier in the minimum service set included a modest shop and pharmacy, the appetite grew with time.
"The market expensive suburbs are now more than 500 infrastructure projects, - says Elena Aralov, CEO of Future Fun Publishing. - The arrival of such major brands as Mercury, World Class, Aldo Coppola, became a kind of permissive mark, opening the way for a full-fledged infrastructure business out of town. "
And away! Boutiques, beauty salons, SPA-and fitness centers, yacht clubs, golf courses and restaurants. And most importantly, schools and kindergartens: "High School in Zhukovka", "Ark.-XXI Century", "Bachelor", Lomonosov School, "President", "Victoria", "Intercollege," etc. Without this component, a country house would never have not become a place of permanent residence.
Rublyovo-Uspenskoe in cultural, entertainment saturation already fully compete with Moscow - Elena continues Aralov. - Construction activities at Novaya Riga can give a similar forecast for the next two to three years and in this direction, the benefit of most large infrastructure complexes, said the village "Knyazhye Lake", "Residence of the Benelux", "Nikolskaya Sloboda. Among the most striking projects - "Paul's Compound" and NovaRiga ».

The new generation chooses ...

There is The popular expression: the client - a man who is always right and who is always cheating. It sounds rough, but essentially accurate. If, for example, look at the suburban real estate, we can notice that at different times of fashionable announced all sorts of things, sometimes completely contradictory. For example, were rasprekrasnymi club villages, but now it appears that the best - it's a "mega". Or PR, PR Rublyovka years, now say that this trail is not without its shortcomings - buy-ka do you prefer at the New Riga.
"Any fashion - it's literate PR - categorical Natalia Vetlugina. - If the developer can not only serve advertisements, but also competent to run the action, we obtain the following result. The most literate pr-action in Moscow can be called Ostozhenka - District very average, historically never former prestige, but turned into the "Golden Mile". Outside the city is now a similar situation with Novorizhskoe highway. Route for many reasons terrible - it is no infrastructure, no normal communication, adequate exits highway, not covered, and even entry into Moscow not (road ends at the Moscow Ring Road). But this highway is excellent raspiarili - and it is understandable why. It's very much available land, developers have to master it - and started treating public opinion. "
In order that consumers sometimes do not put it very elegantly, "hang noodles on the ears," agrees and Nina Reznichenko. "All depends on the developer and his approach to the building - she says. - In the market there megaposelki, where the developer was a detailed approach to everything - a good general plan, thoughtful planning, quality homes, decent infrastructure. But it is no secret that there are villages: grabbed a piece of land on the cheap, built to enclose the minimum, and get the most out ... and call it T 'Housing the next generation. "

And for the middle class, too

In order to live outside the city well, our rich fellow citizens have agreed to back in the mid 90's. Now, it seems, comes the turn of the middle class - prices for villas and townhouses economy class almost equal to the cost of city apartments. That is, selling the usual 2-3-room apartment in a pre-fabricated house in a residential area of Moscow, you can buy in the suburbs is very decent housing - unless, of course, does not claim to be the most prestigious areas. So soon there life outside the city will be in the order of things?
"The decision to move out of the city depends on the ability to arrange there own way of life, - Mrs. Nina Reznichenko. - The most important thing here - it's schools and kindergartens, as well as a guarantee of security. Have priority over other settlements with the public seating area (the problem of communication of children with peers), and with good transport accessibility.
In the meantime, unfortunately, to establish a country life to which used a Muscovite, is not obtained. With the infrastructure and the rest - still all right, but here's decent work in the suburbs there, and tens of thousands of people every day coming to Moscow in the morning - the best evidence of this. But experts are still optimistic. "Our market is the same stage as the Western countries where the population has migrated from big cities to the suburbs - said Valery Mishchenko. - With the development of the priority national project "Affordable and Comfortable Housing - to Russian citizens" (and in particular with the development of affordable low-rise construction) to live outside the city will be in the order of things for both segments of the population, and for not very rich people. To do this you need to create in the Moscow region a good transport network, commercial and social infrastructure in key areas of construction of cottage settlements in the suburbs. " Apparently, for all this additional time is needed.
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