Family buyers prefer apartments with a separate bedroom for children

06.11.2016 00:30
Articles about real estate | Family buyers prefer apartments with a separate bedroom for children Today the designs of modern apartments feature a large variety of planning decisions. Experts have found exactly what living space are a priority of potential buyers in the mass segment.  In particular, they were interested in the question how important for customers separate bedroom with a comfortable bed.

The results showed that for the vast majority of respondents (83%) the presence of a bedroom is crucial when choosing an apartment. With 43% of survey participants noted that this should be their own bedroom. 40% are ready to sleep on the couch, but the room for children is essential. For 14% of potential buyers separate room to sleep, doesn't matter. The choice in favor of their own bedrooms doing mostly singles or childless couples. But on a tight budget and the presence of children (child) influenced the choice family of customers in favor of separate bedrooms for the younger family members.

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The smallest group were those for whom the priority room is the living room. To abandon the separate bedroom were ready for this 3% of respondents. Living for inhabitants of the modern large cities, experts say, is losing its functionality, because young people increasingly engaged in friendly meetings and gatherings in cafes or entertainment centers. For those who love to invite friends over to visit, a great alternative is the kitchen, which at present allows new buildings to replace full-fledged living room.
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