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17.02.2010 15:54
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U.S. BROKERS make a fool ...

Before becoming a seller of Kiev housing, I decided to consult with a friend. Alexander before the New Year out selling "odnushku" on Borshchagovka, which he inherited from my grandmother. Given that it is a few years ago as a broker and understands the real estate market, his advice - what I need. I lose. Alexander told me about the most topical today, a chip, with which both sellers and buyers trying to make their apartments most marketable. To call this trick can be "selling the flat-phantom.

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In the case of real estate publications and on websites is advertised for the sale of several apartments: great area, large area and quite an attractive price. Ads go from room to room, but call on these phones, you will not find the owners. Because these apartments on the market in general, no!

If you sadly will tell you that the apartment had already sold or made a deposit for it, you know - this ad is likely to put the brokers.

- This is the so-called flat-zamanuhi, whose task to make the customer call to a particular broker or agency, - says Alexander of cheap non-existent apartments. - And then the client will sell what they have. Usually it is flat, prices are higher at 3-5 thousand.

... And landlords

But using the scheme of sale of apartments phantom and sellers. Yes he's my friend Alexander. He successfully played on the desire of buyers to save money.

- When I decided to sell his one-room apartment, it turned out that in my area such proposals once or twice and obchelsya, - says Alexander. - However, competitors were selling home for months without success. Therefore, I also posted several ads on the sale of apartments phantom, and prices are overestimated by 5-7 thousand dollars. His same "odnushku" exhibited at the average market price.

You'll laugh, but people who for months unsuccessfully to sell their homes, immediately raised the prices on them. Looking at my invented ads, they decided that the very bad bargain. Naturally, after that my apartment is "flown" in the week, because it has already cost by 10-15% cheaper than the average market price, which I myself and formed.

According to Alexander, most of those who puts housing for sale, still living in the past, when the square meters only more expensive, and attempts to raise prices at any opportunity.


After his conversation with Alexander I myself decided to take up selling nonexistent apartments. This was the easiest to understand, what is now the demand for housing. Also check - whether the real estate market in Kiev today, alive, experts say.

As it turned out to be Kyivlyanyn today offer an average of 60 thousand dollars. So many ask for a one-room apartment in homes built by "the Czech project", with a total area of 30-32 square meters in the majority of sleeping areas.

I chose at random three areas, design a flat area of 31-32 feet with a cosmetic repair and metal windows, put the average market price of 60 thousand dollars and I give all that I know of Internet resources ads on their sale. I waited a short time, during the first three days of each bell rang 3.4. These were the brokers, who were eager to sell my property. I have all the cultural refused, because I was waiting for the real buyers. Alas, a week and not wait a single call.

Then I did what seemed the perfect proposal: threw 2, 3 and 4 thousand dollars to the price of each apartment. Well, I think, now calls be tortured. But no, once again heard a half dozen calls from brokers, and only one of the cheapest apartment for 56 thousand dollars of interested buyers.

- Repair of seven years ago did, plumbing even changed then - I began to fantasize. - All very tidy. Tell me when you will be comfortable, and we can go see.

- Thanks, we think, - he said. And my only hope to enrich themselves, albeit virtually collapsed. More I have not heard his voice.

The following Monday, I took off for another 2 thousand dollars for each apartment, writing the sacred words "Urgent!" And "Trading!". Thus, three of my apartment is already worth 54, 55 and 56 thousand dollars. That is, at 6,5-10% cheaper than average.

Cheers! Finally I began to call. I can not say that the phone broke off, but potential buyers were already seven. Most were interested in the cheapest option.

- Tell me, how much you give in? - Practically every conversation ended with the matter. My assurances that this flat and so much cheaper than average prices, few people worried.

- I have 50 thousand and a penny more, - said one of the callers. - Decide to throw off, come to view.

Naturally, from the views I have refused - because there was nothing to show. But his conclusion did - if you want to quickly sell an apartment, you have to give at least 10% of the average prices specified today in most ads.


Where will the price?

- The price of real estate in Kiev in the near future will be 1300-1500 dollars per square meter - sure an expert on real estate Alexander Bondarenko. - But the market may seriously affect the political component, depending on the steps of government house prices could fall more than 15%.

A little different view from the main realtor Ukraine.

- In terms of the third quarter of last year, we saw that the market prices began to rise, and it says that the "bottom" of the market for apartments has already passed, - says the head of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine Andrey Shulga. - According to our forecast, inflation can be expected by the end of spring, but it should not exceed 5-7%. By the period of summer vacation prices have fallen again to 3-5%. And in September, the price again grows by 3-7%. Year end is traditionally fall in the value at the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

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