Experts predict the housing shortage by 2012

08.10.2010 10:32
Articles about real estate | Experts predict the housing shortage by 2012 During the crisis, figures for new buildings has been nearly halved.

Analysts in real estate are sounding the alarm - the resulting imbalance in the crisis I / O objects may soon lead to an acute shortage of housing supply. Financial stagnation heavily hit by the developers, and its main result was that the last two years, new construction virtually not yet begun.

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This will lead to shortage of supply in the segment of new buildings when the market will take what is already built, or will be commissioned shortly. If we compare these calculations with actively growing in the recent demand, then the consequences and the truth looming catastrophic.

Ural Chamber of real estate experts give the following data. In December 2007, were under construction 2,100 sq. m. of housing at the end of 2008 - 1 733 thousand square meters. m., in 2009 - has 1,566 sq. m., and in September 2010, the figure is 1,448 thousand square meters.
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