Experts do not advise to buy cheap cottages

24.07.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Experts do not advise to buy cheap cottages Suburban real estate market offers customers a lot of options: from billboard problem on 6 acres, 150 km from Moscow to the white-stone palace Rublyovo-Uspensky highway. Naturally, the latest version available is far from over, and the desire to save rises. Unfortunately, in almost every buying cheap has its own "but", and experts Miel Residential Real Estate "caution against too tempting offers.

Plots without a contract

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When buying a plot without a contract, there are two most important risk assessment: documentation and communication. "The fact that almost all the land that is now sold, was once a farm, and translate it into other categories are often controversial. For example, the owner of the land could not apply for a pre-emptive right to buy agricultural land, or could be affected by the translation procedure This category of agricultural land in private habitation, could not be paid a penalty for withdrawing land from agricultural use, - says Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner of Miel-Residential Real Estate. "- There have been cases challenging the legality of buying selhozpaev.

Second risky moment - communication. Some unscrupulous developers, are in dire economic situation, out of the project by selling the land under the guise of a site with utilities. There is a serious risk that these communications are not to be held ever, and the owner will have on its own to cope with the summing networks. And it's expensive and time consuming.

Cheap home away from Moscow

Often very tempting to think a house in a village 150 km from Moscow for 100-200 rubles. But we should not rejoice too soon. "Appearance can be more expensive than a house, or about the same - warned Vladimir Yakhontov. - It is likely that the history of home ownership will be very confusing, and you may lose your rights to the recent acquisition." In distant areas were common transactions by proxy, that is, strictly speaking, no legal guarantees of the new owner does not receive. The consequences of this step - that the deal could be challenged, and the buyer may eventually lose the acquired property. In most cases, cheaper homes have serious deficiencies, and such proposals should study very carefully before buying. However, the land in such cases can indeed do a bottle of vodka for a hundred, which attracts buyers.

Classic cottage on 6 acres in CHT

Happens is that proposed to sell a classic Soviet cottage with timber frame house in a small area, and the price seems to be so burdensome that the buyer of the disadvantages of not even thinking about it. "The cheapness of giving 6 acres in most cases may be an illusion" - draws attention to Vladimir Yakhontov. The market villas has its own laws, often unrelated to the general trends. The owners of summer cottages are often elderly people who do not understand the pricing and ask for his house on a piece of land completely unrealistic money. In addition, during the Soviet era cottages are often not allocated to the best land under power lines or in the open field. Sometimes it happens that communication is not and is not expected, the gas delivered in cylinders, and convenience - at the opposite end of the section, and summing up the prospects of normal network no. Garden house in most cases - is panelboard box area of ??36 square meters. meters, which will have to demolish and build in its place a full house. Even with such villas are very reluctant to work realtors, since often they are far from Moscow, that is, even just to find such a proposal would have to spend much time and effort. The result is that for the same money easier and cheaper to buy a modern country house construction plot and carry out the summer season there.


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