Experts called the criteria of liquidity apartments

07.12.2010 20:10
Articles about real estate | Experts called the criteria of liquidity apartments The main factor of the liquidity facility is still the location of the house. Traditionally, there are areas most prestigious and upmarket.

Kudos to the area by its proximity to the historic center, the social environment, quality of construction and environmental situation. Said the chairman of the brokerage Board Miel "Roman Mouradian, writes League.

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According to him, to live next to a large market or harmful polluting production nobody wants. All other factors are fairly conventional.

Of great importance is the factor of ecology. For example, about 10% -15% of the value of the apartment will add the proximity of the park or square. Apartments in buildings that are located on park streets are more expensive than those located near the highway. However, this rule does not apply to houses built in the center, or in prime locations.

Another factor that buyers pay attention to - the parties, to go out the window - a noisy highway, or a quiet courtyard. The difference in price may be around 10% -12%. However, this figure only applies to three-and four-room apartments.

If we talk about one-and two-bedroom apartments, this difference will not exceed 2-5%. One-bedroom apartments are in demand regardless of where the windows go, and where the home. Traditionally, the cheapest deals - always the most liquid.

"In addition, today can be traced an interesting trend: people are tired of night alarms, and those who buy property in the homes on the roads, pay attention to it, and often, other things being equal, choose an apartment with windows on the track" - Roman said Mouradian.

If the highway runs right beneath the windows, then the price of such apartments may drop by 12-15% for three-and four-room apartments, and even less for one-and two-bedroom - 5-7%. However, for certain categories of buyers, this factor can testify in favor of the object, if they are important to be able to leave the Garden or the Third Ring Road. On the one hand, to live with windows on the third vehicle is not as comfortable, but it is possible to avoid congestion at the exit.
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