Expects a boom in Kyiv region, country villas?

19.12.2010 16:00
Articles about real estate | Expects a boom in Kyiv region, country villas? Experts in the field of real estate note that due to virtually "exorbitant" prices for metropolitan land to build low-rise apartment buildings in Kiev is not profitable, at least for the moment. In the future, perhaps the situation will change.

More promising in this respect, the suburbs of Kiev, which is an intensive construction of cottage townships, and townhouses. They are provided with infrastructure: separate gas, water and Electric communications, Internet access and telephony software, security, and coverage area, areas for sports and recreation complex of office buildings, designed to solve all the problems that may arise during the operation of housing, For example, cleaning and garbage disposal, service staff and maintenance services, etc. Sympathy for consumers such housing has gained through a combination of city-level luxury accommodation and all the benefits of the suburban life: clean air, lack of road traffic jams, quiet communion with nature (many of these towns are built on the shores of natural water bodies), etc.

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Moreover, given the almost identical conditions of residence, town houses are cheaper, compared with cottages (according to estimates, about 30%, prices for such housing is comparable to the price of an ordinary urban apartment in a newly constructed building). The only difference is that the townhouse is a complex of residential buildings, nesting on the side walls, but having a separate entrance and backyard area. Savings in costs is due to the general communications, reducing costs for earthworks and building materials, compared with the construction of individual cottages.

According to statistics, real estate developers, nearly 50% of consumers who have decided to purchase a new home, opt for a cottage or townhouses in the suburbs of Kiev. There is also a successful experience in the construction of urban townhouses, for example, Obolonskyi Limes near the Gulf of the Dnieper. However, the development of urban construction over the same limited by high cost of Kyiv land, which automatically inflate housing prices.

According to the experts' comments, it is for this reason, Kiev developers now seek to extract from the minimum land area of maximum benefit, not just high-rise building and high-rise buildings. Because the only way to make the project profitable, offsetting a truly enormous costs of land acquisition.

But the future is seen by experts still a low-rise cottages and townhouses.
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