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18.10.2009 15:16
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        The apartment has a facade direction 150 degrees overhaul and reinstate in the 8th cycle. Mountain High, Destination Sy.

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        Strong Direction (facade) creates good conditions for the growth of welfare.

      Strong Hill, said the flowering kind and good relations.

      With the advent of the 7 th cycle, Earth's energy at home will go down in the phase off, and, therefore, require major repairs.

      Characteristics of stars in the 8th cycle.

      Water star in your personal palace. 8-white is in a phase of prosperity. This heralds a good financial opportunity.

      Mountain Star in a mountain palace. 8-white is in a phase of prosperity. It symbolizes the flowering kind. The nature of the house is very favorable for making money and health. However, in order to make money people would need to spend money to improve their professional level, and try to make wise decisions. In this apartment, mind, common sense and wisdom must come first. Unless you do this, you will lose money.

      Floor brings energy wealth. Luck will have active assertive people, but they must have a good reputation. Yang and Yin-chi-chi home conflict. This suggests some conflict in the relations between husband and wife.

      Entrance door to the apartment to be opened from inside, which will contribute to an adequate supply of energy in the room.

      Corridor in the stairwell should be well lit.
Hallway and corridor.

      Area hallway should have good lighting.

Colors: all shades of beige, sand-colored, can be pink hue. Through the door comes to a bad energy, so to neutralize above the door to hang a metal bell. The hall can be built-in wardrobe with top illumination and mirrored doors. On the wall hung a small painting in red colors. Hallway should move into a spacious lounge. In the lobby and hallway on the floor, it is desirable to use ceramic tiles. Also in the lobby to the square to lay carpet in beige and brown tones. Passage to the living room is desirable to keep free. And next to the wardrobe to hang a mirror in such a way as to reflect the door to the nursery and the passage to the parlor. The doors to the nursery often desirable to keep open.


Destination kitchen favorable for the hosts. It is important that the direction of plate was favorable. It is best to orient the plate in the south-east. Furnishings cuisine is best done with a predominance of metal colors, glass and metal. Consumer electronics in metal design. Table best round or oval. Number of chairs, no less than the number of people living in the apartment. The kitchen must put a stereo system with CD player on which to play piano music. On the wall hang a metal clock with a pendulum or a running second hand. Objects that symbolize the element of fire (stove, oven, microwave oven) should not coexist with objects that symbolize the element of water (sink, refrigerator, dishwasher). Hostess Northwest cuisine is most worried about the health of the family. Cases from the owner of such food will go well, and he will feel mainstay of the family. A woman can often enter into a dispute with her husband.

The most important thing in this kitchen to maintain cleanliness and order and to monitor the freshness of products. It is not recommended to install air conditioning.


Interior color: pastel colors - beige, sand. Air conditioning is best positioned in the western sector, while in the apartment would "fly into" the energy of wisdom. Mild corner and in pastel colors, but on the sofa to put 3 red cushions. The combination of energies in this sector does not bear serious problems, but brings some inconveniences, such as small financial loss. In addition to neutralizing the power of disease near the southern wall of the need to put 2 metal floor vase with a narrow neck (in the process of renovation and design facilities, we have found a wonderful object of a small round table on the stand of the 6 elephants, inlaid with bronze and coinage, the subject can perfectly well be replaced metal vases, as well as color and shape correspond to the element of metal). On the balcony of the owners decided to make a winter garden, it is certainly not the best solution, because at this point is "predatory power of competition, loss of ships. Therefore, plants should be planted in pots of red color (from shades of pink, to burgundy). And choose plants with sharp leaves, that the energy of fire to weaken this influence. On the balcony necessarily make a good side lighting. In the western sector of the air conditioning can be arranged except for TV, music center. Revitalization of the sector may result in relocation, promotion or getting a good job. In this sector, you can put an aquarium or fountain. In addition to enhancing the timely stars, he will speak and water formula for the bedroom door. Upon entering the room should be placed on a small table made of natural stone on which to place a stone statue.

Interior room is best formalized in the classical style. In the center of the living room well hang a beautiful crystal chandelier, it will serve as a generator of positive energy in the apartment.

Marital bedroom.

East bedroom is ideal for active people. Energy East is a bedroom renovation and development. But while people can linger long at work. Woman in the bedroom will seek an active social life. However, if in the bedroom, the woman becomes pregnant, she will need to go to sleep in another place, as for the development of a healthy fetus is negative energy. In order to weaken their power, water and energy needs of the metal. This can be done with a blue veil embroidered with gold.

Ming Gua husband interacts well with the energy of the mountain bedrooms, but the Ming Gua wife, unfortunately conflict. To remove this conflict, the woman must make a bed linen of bright colors. In this room need to put a stereo system, which occasionally play piano music. Mirror in a bronze frame it also creates the energy of the metal. But it is necessary to establish such a way that it did not affect the bed.

The bedroom should not be reflective polished surfaces.

The bedroom should observe the principle of pairing and symmetry. On the balcony you can set the air conditioner. Passage to the balcony to do better in the open form of the arch and put there are two small chairs and a table. Since the furniture is in classic style, the upholstery on the seats are well done in shades of blue and use the gold inlay or bronze.


The energy of the southeast light and fast, so is ideal for the location of the nursery. This sector is very favorable for the boy. Since the static energy sector support his Min Hua. In addition, Children's is a very active place, and it will be useful for the energy wealth that comes from this direction. Table is desirable to orient in a favorable direction facing to the west. In this room is well put an aquarium, in order to be invited into the house of energy wealth. Energy wealth like active movement, so in this room would be beneficial to place a sports corner. You can put on your desktop computer. Since the energy sector still in conflict, it must be on the windowsill to put a large round gold object. This may be a golden statue of Buddha or a bronze color.

Color solution room is best done in beige and pink tones.

WC number 1.

      Glossy tiles in blue and blue colors will create the presence of water energy, which is needed here. And, despite the fact that the water in the bathroom and got enough, still stands by color zagarmonizirovat these energies. The door to this room should always be closed. Must be proper ventilation.

Characteristics of the mark in 2005

      Tai Sui in 2005, is in the sign of S (House of Blow). It increases the energy of this sector. It is necessary to place the statue of the Dragon Turtle. Five yellow to the year comes to a sign Qian. This is a great destruction of the Five yellow. This is an unfortunate trend in this year. Therefore, in this sector is necessary to put pumpkin bottle gourd and a container of salt water, and 6 coins. Force 3 Sha yearly are in the east. Double black-year fall on the sign Zhen. It portends the disease. You must use a bunch of 6 coins tied with gold thread.
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