Examination of suburban real estate

21.09.2011 09:23
Articles about real estate | Examination of suburban real estate Evaluation of suburban real estate is not only to estimate the number of available square meters of urban housing. In assessing the cottage, cottage or country house should be considered a much greater number of criteria, including: distance from the city and the railway station, direction, location of residential areas, where the house, the availability of a cottage near a forest or pond, soil and water quality, topography, where the estimated cottage, etc. For many, are of great importance prestigious area of ??the cabin, the quality of roads, availability of infrastructure, etc.

Estimation problem

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Every year the suburban real estate market becomes more differentiated and slowly but surely become civilized features. Despite the active development of the construction of cottage settlements, a significant percentage of the acquired suburban property accounted for plots. The cost of suburban area depends on many factors. But first of all to assess the problem much attention has "the status of the place." There are two main categories of location:

1.Zemelny station in suburban dacha or co-op-typical dacha farm with a site of 6-8 acres, located generally within 30 km of the city in the townships with high density housing. The quality of construction of houses is often low, ensuring communications can also be limited, many let down only electricity and running water year. "

2. Private country house, used mainly in the summer - most of these houses is around 50 km from the city. Home, usually next to water bodies, forests, surrounded by developed land and a garden with mature trees.

Evaluation of the cottage, country house evaluation

Residential Real Estate - one of the most popular and most promising segments of the real estate market in Kiev region. The most dynamically developing market of cottage building. After all, prices for apartments in the city center can be quite comparable to the cost acceptable to the permanent residence of a country house. Demand for evaluation of cottage or country house is also growing. Evaluation of a cottage in many respects similar to the assessment problem and carried out for:

Transaction of sale

Passing an object as collateral

Buying a Property mortgage program

Score when receiving an inheritance

Estimation problem for property insurance


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