"Evict all property and will not be" - the controversial provisions of the Housing Code

01.12.2010 11:02
Articles about real estate | "Evict all property and will not be" - the controversial provisions of the Housing Code Following the Tax Parliament is preparing to take the Housing Code.

At the next plenary week Parliament intends to adopt a new Housing Code. This was reported by the co-author of the bill deputy Igor Lysov.

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The document contains many controversial provisions that restrict the right of every citizen. In particular, the draft Code provides for the forced resettlement of debtors, as well as unlimited fines for late payment of utilities.

Can be evicted without the consent and those who are unable to timely pay a bank loan for his housing. Article 129 of the draft of the Housing Code provides that opportunity for financial institutions.

As promised, Igor Lysov, for the remainder of the Parliamentary Committee for Urban Development and Housing will try to iron out all the disputed norms of the Code. The MP assured that all suggestions will be considered and Housing Code, as tax will be taken, article by article.

Member, Committee on Housing Yuri Odarchenko believes the Housing Code in its present form not acceptable. "We introduce a penalty in the amount of 0,1% for each day of delay of payment of utilities, but unlike the current legislation, the total amount is not limited to the cost of unpaid services, and can grow to infinity" - said the deputy. According to him, now a debtor will have to extinguish their debts at the cost of your own apartment.

Evict all

In addition to fines, the draft of the Housing Code has a number of other controversial provisions. One of them - the forced eviction of tenants from their homes, to be reconstructed or are being demolished, without 100% strength consent of residents. In this case, after the adoption of the document to evict the tenants will be able to power the entire city, not within one, as it is now. If the owner refuses to move, his apartment was forced redemption.

According to another co-author of the Housing Code, Boris pounds, this practice is common throughout the world and only you can use it to update the outdated housing.

"Only through this feature former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, was able to solve the problem of Khrushchev" - refers to the experience of the Russian capital's deputies.

Housing will not

Deputy Yuri Odarchenko also notes that a set of housing laws can seriously reduce the waiting list for housing. It now including several hundred thousand Ukrainians. Following the adoption of the Code of local authorities will be able to deny them the right to receive housing from the state in case of providing the documents to get an apartment false information. Moreover, after the entry into force of the Code of all the waiting will be required to reregister.

Another major innovation will be required the establishment of associations of co-owners in all apartment buildings.
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