Everyone has the right to land, but no opportunity ...

01.09.2010 04:57
Articles about real estate | Everyone has the right to land, but no opportunity ... Basic Law of the State guarantees every citizen the right to land. In accordance with Article 13 of the Constitution of Ukraine the land, its subsoil, air, hydrogen and other natural resources situated within the territory of Ukraine, the natural resources of its continental shelf and exclusive (maritime) economic zone is the property of the Ukrainian people. Every citizen has the right to use the natural property of the people in accordance with the law. Property entails responsibility. It is at this rate in the legislation and cited a human rights activist, head of international public organization "International League for Protection of the rights of citizens" Eduard Bagirov. The specialist explained that the rules of the Constitution - it is the rules of direct action. Therefore, we can only correct conclusion: every Ukrainian citizen is entitled to the land.

"Under the Constitution, the people of Ukraine - the source of power, and all that is in the territory of Ukraine - land, water, forests, fields, etc. - It is our collective property, each person has a right to their share ", - explained Bagirov. Responsibility and control on the allotment shall be the State, namely, the State Committee for land resources, and local district offices. Consequently, if the person having the right to land, is unable to, the State directly violates the Constitution.

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According to human rights activist, who wants to can only deny for lack of "free" land, then you can go to another town to enforce the law. The refusal of the official in the allocation of land can be checked through the logs. In case of failure to provide such an opportunity, assistance can be a trial.

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