Every second house in Ukraine - squatter

05.06.2010 10:43
The issue of legalization samostroev in Ukraine State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate began to address two years ago. During the test, in all regions of inspectors found that at the moment, every second house or mansion type cottage built without a building permit. This was during a press conference on Friday said Chief Gosarhistroyinspektsii Bondarenko Alexander.<br /><br />According to Bondarenko, not so long ago, the inspection certificate was introduced on the legalization of such buildings, which should give the local authority. "We introduced the concept of a certificate from the local government. And so their solution at the moment absolutely not conducive to the execution of the law. Alexander also pointed out that in some urban centers, the cost of obtaining information about the legalization of equals and sometimes exceeds the cost of obtaining authorization for legal construction. "Here is an example: in Kiev issued for the first quarter. 2010 1086 Information about legalization, but in Zaporozhye - 311 "- commented Chief Gosarhistroyinspektsii.<br /><strong>zagorodna.com</strong><br />
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