Every 10 th house in Germany is subject to demolition

25.03.2011 15:20
Articles about real estate | Every 10 th house in Germany is subject to demolition This opinion is shared by the experts of the construction industry and real estate professionals. The vacated area is proposed for the construction of new homes.

At least 10% of the total number of apartment buildings in the country is no longer possible, and not cost-effective to sanitize or rebuild, confidently claim as the builders and economists. In order to obsolete housing could "bring to mind", equipped in accordance with modern standards of comfort and security, require enormous funds and energy. Homes that do not apply to historic buildings, it is proposed simply to take down and rebuilt. Profitability of public events to update the housing stock should increase sales of real estate on the vacated building locations. A positive reaction on the part of the population can be achieved, justifying the massive demolition of saving.

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As reported by the German magazine «Focus», a thorough analysis of the housing stock, presented recently in Berlin, was prepared by the "Association of modern construction." The study was commissioned by key figures in the construction industry, as well as tenants of the Union of Germany and the construction company Bau IG. A random sample of 17.5 million high-rise apartment buildings in which there are at least 36.2 million apartments, prompted experts to disappointing conclusions.

Over the past few years in different regions of the country were made mass events on rehabilitation of housing stock. The overwhelming majority (96%), high-rise buildings built before 1978 have already been repaired. In 17% of the buildings erected after 1978, carried out partial or complete modernization of the electricity system. Nevertheless, the state houses and apartments, which house the German taxpayers, in many respects, especially in terms of energy efficiency is poor.

To retain maximum power, the government should step up funding for the repair and rehabilitation of housing stock, according to the IG Bau. In light of the interim and, possibly, a prolonged stoppage of German nuclear power plants, electricity prices are likely to grow. Keep prices at the same level will be available in the event that consumers can save at least 25% of electricity.

By 2050, all buildings in Germany have to collectively consume 80% less energy than today. In the long term maintenance of energy efficient buildings should be more profitable, yet it is only associated with additional costs. Despite grand statements, financing energy concept in 2011 was reduced by almost? 1 billion

Currently, state-owned bank KfW is developing a program to pay the so-called "compensation for the demolition." The money will be issued to owners of such houses, which is unprofitable to produce power system upgrades.

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