Evaluation of the housing increases tenfold

01.11.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Evaluation of the housing increases tenfold Evaluators warn that tomorrow for their services will take 10 times more. The document on the cost of property, required for the sale, purchase or donation, from November 1 will be available only from the certificated specialists which were trained in one of the 26 universities accredited by state property Fund. In addition, determine the price of the apartment, house or garage will only using a special computer program. According to officials, the new system will earn tomorrow and no failures.

New rules of real estate evaluation were to take effect on 1 August. But then the Ministry of justice decided that the market was not ready, and the change was postponed until 1 November. Officials explained: little assessors were trained (800 people as of the 31.07), and a computer program that needs to calculate the price of the real estate, have not developed. Now the situation has improved, but not by much: according to the state property Fund of more than 5 thousand of appraisers, who worked previously trained only 1644 person. That is, in each area there is only 68 appraisers. But officials in this see no problem.

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"Now appraisers, who received a new certificate, opened 644 representation (in the whole country, but in what regions is unknown. - Auth.). Who wants to work shall receive training. Moreover, prior to February 1 will be a transition period: the estimates prepared by the evaluators, not trained, will have legal force", - said the head of the state property Fund Oleksandr Ryabchenko.

Also, according to the evaluators, November 1, the cost of their services can fly almost in 10 times. All because of expensive computer program to "rent" the Ukrainian Institute of management quality assessment activities that it created and patented.

"For the use of the program they will take 80% of the fee, which the validator will take with the client. Now real estate companies for the evaluation of a one-room apartment called price 3 UAH, instead of the usual 300 - 500 UAH. ", - says the President of the League of experts of Ukraine Svetlana Бовсуновская. Themselves appraisers it is not denied. "What can we do. It must do something to earn a living. But we hope that officials will cause the Institute reduce the price "rent" its program", - said the head of one of the capital appraisal companies Roman Vasilyev.

Officials themselves from this disown. "The state property Fund will not control rates. Otherwise it will be corruption, if the state will have the right to control and inspect the cost of valuation services. Now the starting cost of such services - from 200 UAH. (and the price ceiling in the law is not determined - as amended)", - said Alexander Ryabchenko. 
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