Eugene Malakhova: "Comfort above all else!"

Articles about real estate | Eugene Malakhova: "Comfort above all else!" <div style="text-align: justify;">Life is a soloist of "Reflex" Zhenya Malakhov does not stand still. Tour, filming, photo shoots. Recently Zhenya tried her hand at the role models, taking part in a fashion show on Slava's Hope Russian Fashion Week. In general, the rest can only dream of my wife. And recreate the singer is going home to his apartment.<br /><strong>Please tell us where you live?</strong><br />Recently, I live in Moscow, in his own apartment. A long time I had been saving money for something himself refused, and finally it happened. My apartment is located on the Falcon. I really like this area, because once, long ago, when I was a little girl, we lived in this place, and all my childhood here. I walked in the park that now, he is directly in front of my current home. Earlier, before buying an apartment, I lived at home with his parents out of town.<br /><br /><strong>How important to you to your house?</strong><br /><br />This is my rear. I think that, if possible, each person must be a place where he can "hide". My house - a fortress, in him I fear nothing. Even though I live alone, and many of my friends ask me, not scary for me alone, but as soon as I enter the apartment and close the door, all the fears recede.<br /><strong><br />Do you love to spend time at home?</strong><br /><br />Of course, since so tired during the tour. For example, recently so happened that we had 3 consecutive days were touring, and all 3 of the day in different republics. With one aircraft to another, from the concert stage on the plane. With this tour schedule very tired, and I was just resting at home, in silence, disconnect your phone and try to recuperate healthy sleep, which would again fight on the stage.<br /><br /><strong>How have we repair? </strong><br /><img height="201" width="150" style="margin: 5px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" alt="Малахова" src="/files/50/Malaxova2.jpg" />Oh, I think it lasted very long. We have not resorted to the services of designers. I really helped my mother, or rather, I helped her, but all basically picked my mother. She always called me, and said that I came and looked this or that detail of the interior, or that would have helped her choose the wallpaper. To be honest, at first I had no idea what it all turn out beautifully. I marvel at my mother as she was able to think things through so much in advance, and anticipate how everything happens. While some things do not fit in the interior. For example, lights that were purchased in advance, and when they have already hung up, I do not like. When I entered the apartment, she reminded me of an apartment of a reality TV project. Too many lights. As a result, we changed them, and those that were now lying. They no longer sdash. Now I think what use they find. Maybe they'll take in some children's center or orphanage.<br /><br />In general, my apartment is done in a classical setting in bright colors with bright accents. For example, I combined kitchen and living room, all the furniture in the living room in white, a mat, and the interior of kitchen in the glossy black color scheme. Such a contrast. In the same way to the bedroom. It is also very bright, but there is a classic chair, bright red color, which is the accent and complement the interior, and so almost all the rooms.<br /><br /><strong>And what lucky find?</strong><br /><br />This is a large round glass table in my living room, which I am particularly proud of. He was on the individual order. I came to the studio, and we discussed with the designer, as I see it, after which the sketch was made first, and then on the sketches were made and the table itself. It turned out very, very nice, as I wanted, and even better.<br /><strong>What are the traditions you observe when you make an apartment?</strong><br /><br /><img height="200" width="150" style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" alt="Малахова" src="/files/50/Malaxova3.jpg" />Are no special rules I followed. My theory - it is to surround himself with those things and furniture, with whom I conveniently and comfortably. I think that comfort should be paramount. The only thing I hold, although this is probably a superstition, inculcated to us from childhood, I do not sleep with his feet toward the door.<br /><br /><strong>And in what room beauty Eugene Malakhov spend the most time?</strong><br /><br />I think, like any girl, a favorite place - a dressing room and bathroom, where I quote myself in order. (Laughs)<br /><br />And what is your most favorite things, besides the table?<br /><br />This picture, written by my second father, Vitaly. Everyone who comes to my house, immediately pay attention to them. They brought from my old house. I found them very expensive.<br /><br /><strong>What are your family traditions? Do you love to cook?</strong><br /><br />I can not say that I really enjoy cooking, but when guests come to me, I'm sure they'll take anything. It brought me to my mother that when you come to the house of people, then at least be sure to drink tea. So come to me like my friends, because I have hidden away for the guests something delicious. For example, always in the fridge is a couple of pizzas, which can quickly heat up and fed, there is always fruit, chocolate and a lot of things that I just save up for the guests.<br /><strong><br />And often they come? </strong><br /><br /><img height="112" width="150" style="margin: 0px 10px 10px 0px; float: left;" alt="Малахова" src="/files/50/Malaxova4.jpg" />Very often. Previously, I lived outside the city, and it was a bit problematic for my friends coming back, it is not very convenient, but now I fill up everything. I have always some guests, I organize hen parties, where we are going with my friends and talk half the night. It is also often in my girls away from the group "Reflex". Although it would seem, we must get tired of each other, since so much time together, but we miss each other, and therefore, often going with me.<br /><br /><br /><br /><strong>Are you going to update the interior, to change anything? How serious are the changes?<br /></strong><br />No sooner do I have to think about it, I also present my interior is not obzhila to the end. But overall, I think it all depends on my mood, and life situations. Sometimes reshuffle interior and renovation of textiles will be enough, and sometimes, I think, want radical changes. I have everything ready.<br />Describe the interior of your dreams.<br /><br />Perhaps, now, is one that I have now. (Laughs)</div>
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