Estate on the ocean or apartment Troyeschina?

23.03.2011 09:44
Estate on the ocean or apartment Troyeschina? "The Portuguese estate with orange garden by the ocean" sounds weightier than a two-bedroom apartment on Troyeschina. And for the price, such properties are quite comparable.

Buy a property in Portugal is now not only easy but also cheap. Over 90 thousand euro may become the owner of the cute little house on the Atlantic coast.

Interest in housing in different countries have developed our citizens waves are clearly correlated with the activity of foreign real estate agents. Ukrainians bought Cyprus and Montenegro, were impregnated with hydrogen sulphide smell of Karlovy Vary and dictated the price of houses in London. Winter cottages in Finland and flimsy bungalow in the south of Italy - all this we have passed. Now, having accumulated a lot of experience and having filled a fair amount of bumps, people began to approach the choice of calm and balanced way. And here it turned out that between sunny Spain and the Atlantic Ocean is a wonderful country of Portugal, in many respects unique and inimitable - as their real estate and general approach to life and to immigrants.

Among other EU countries, Portugal stands out on several parameters. First, despite the European status and an enviable geographic location, it remains the country's patriarchal and corrupt big oil money. Second, when immigrants from Asian countries inhabited Europe, Portugal remained on the sidelines, keeping a core of the nation, and tolerance towards immigrants of any nationality and religion.

And the main thing: a country of great navigators are not spoiled skorobogateyami, buying up entire blocks in the bud and the coast, so property prices are quite humane and accessible. Over 150 thousand euros you can buy a decent house area of ??100-120 square meters. m or 2-3-room apartment in Lisbon. If you prefer, you can find housing and cheaper for 90-100 thousand, or, conversely, aim a blow on expensive items from the 300 000 and above. All this has beneficial effects on the demand and interest of Russians to the property in Portugal is growing every year.

"The main thing when buying a property in Lisbon - a clear understanding of why you need is housing - the general director of real estate agency Lideg Real Estate Alla Bogolepova. - If an investment with a view to passing tourists, then, of course, we can talk only about the historic center. If you are going to live in this apartment for yourself, it is more reasonable to think of a comfortable residential area with good infrastructure, even without the magnificent view from the window. Decide what is more important to you - an old house with views of the Castelo and the possibility of easily park a car loaded with shopping. Of course, in the center you can find spacious apartments with a garage, for example in the prestigious areas of Chiado, Principe Real, Lapa.

But the price of such housing are quite comparable with Moscow. Therefore, the Russians prefer to new areas with schools, major shops and parking. Popular areas Alvalade, Amadora, Almada, Benfica, and for the most affluent - rebuilt for the World Exhibition Expo 1998 area. Of course, to make the right choices, not enough to know the names of popular areas: for example, one part of Benfica is elitist, but rather refers to other social housing. Carefully study the area and pay attention to the quality of life of local people: not for nothing that says that we do not buy housing, and neighbors. "

Often customers buy housing is not in the capital, and in nearby towns on the Atlantic coast, writes Evromag. Beautiful resort of Cascais place has become a second home for many Russians: from here to Lisbon, just 20 minutes by car, and a lifestyle completely different. When on the threshold of your house broken waves Atlantic, you begin to understand why it has chosen to live this country.

"Among the Russians are highly demanded accommodation in the Algarve, the resort area in southern Portugal - adds Alla Bogolepova. - Apartment or house in the Algarve - The acquisition, which in itself will make you money: it can be leased visitors, it is possible after making the appropriate permissions to open a restaurant or make a base for their own business. Also popular accommodation in Porto: the city is the industrial center of Portugal, the northern capital of the country, and it is convenient for those who want to conduct their own business - a business activity in the Port of almost the same as in Lisbon, and housing prices are much lower. "

No less comfortable small town located north of Lisbon: from the prestigious and expensive to democratic Sintra Torres Vedras, Peniche, or Kaldash de Rainha. It is quiet and calm, no metropolitan bustle, but the weight of the fresh sea air, close to the coast, and visits to Lisbon in the presence of the machine is not a problem: the roads in Portugal, is beyond praise and access to capital can be very fast. Or slowly, if you choose the freeway, which runs along the shore of the ocean: the drivers are involuntarily slows down, admiring the beauty of the coastal cliffs and waves to the horizon, so the speed of cars is much lower than on the main highway.

The main thing when buying a property in Portugal - it is define the area in which you want to live, but the process of buying a property is simple enough. Real Estate Agency will help at all stages. The law protects the buyer and the seller, so all transactions are conducted with the presence of a notary and a lawyer. Services Realtor pays the owner to sell property.

To buy a home in Portugal, the Russian citizen must obtain taxpayer identification number (contribuinte), for which you want to open a bank account and transfer money on it from Russia. It's enough to get in the Russian tax certificate stating that the money paid all the taxes and pay a standard amount for a bank transfer. If not enough money, you can get a mortgage in the Portuguese bank: agency will help select the most suitable bank and prepare the necessary documents. Because of the economic crisis has somewhat increased the initial fee (currently 30%), but the interest rate remains the same attractive: 4-6% per annum.

The cost of home ownership in Portugal is low, especially by Moscow standards: if you add up all monthly utility payments, the amount is unlikely to exceed 50-70 euros, the property tax is also small. In all this heavenly glory and cheapness is only one obvious drawback: real estate purchase does not entitle you to receive a residence permit. Of course, a homeowner with no problem getting a tourist visa to enter the country, but will be held in Portugal, no more than 180 days a year. If you want to live here permanently, you need to look for other civilized ways: for example, to conclude a work contract in Portugal, or open their own business. Price question - 5 thousand euro share capital and a few simple bureaucratic procedures. But that's another story.

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