Errors in the sale of apartments

21.09.2010 07:11
Articles about real estate | Errors in the sale of apartments It is human nature to make mistakes. This is because not everyone has the necessary amount of knowledge and experience. Experience comes with time, and it will find not a single day, but here you can get the necessary knowledge.

In this article we will try to reach the largest possible number of typical mistakes made by sellers unlucky apartments, writes Socmart.

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1. Asking price does not match the quality of proposals.

Inability to adequately assess his apartment - this is the most common mistake among sellers. Any potential buyer will not carry you no further negotiations if it does not suit your price. As a result, you spugnete many clients, and after, and for adequate cost will be very difficult to sell your apartment as many clients have already given up on your offer.

2. Not prepared for the sale of apartments.

The logic of things is simple: you invest in the repair of the apartment a certain amount of money, the output is the amount which is several times more embedded. In addition to the apartment soon find a buyer that is also very important. Before meeting with the buyer, save a wet cleaning in the apartment.

3. Waiver of bargaining.

Often a situation where the buyer liked the apartment, and he asks the seller to lower his prices slightly, but the seller is in its and flatly refuses to give a price. In the end, negotiations fail, and the buyer goes to look for a more pliant seller.

Drop out if the seller has a chance to know, but what he startled his own hands the buyer, it certainly. Know his own worth, but your greed should not be up to the absurd.

4. Own efforts to seek a buyer.

The outcome will be: lots of wasted time and low efficiency of the work done. In addition, this error can lead to other more dangerous bugs. Agent not only will find creditworthy buyer, but also help in the preparation of documents, check their legal validity.

5. Filing for sale apartments at various real estate agencies.

Each company will place your ad in the columns of newspapers. The variant, which one newspaper to the buyer to meet a few of your options, the differences which will be only in price. If the buyer is no fool, he will not contact you, because so very much your suggestion sounds like the usual scam. Take your time to choose a good agency and deal with him only one.

In order to sell the apartment as scheduled, it is necessary to exclude from their actions and the result of errors does not take long. Happy selling!
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