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08.11.2010 15:51
One of the main conditions for success in the sale of any property is a correct understanding of the commercial interest of the seller agent.

Quite often, the seller refers to the agent, already having their own idea about the price of an object or after inconclusive did try to sell your property yourself, stating your property on the market at a certain price to them.

When contacting the seller to the agent calls the desired price, and the wants that he gets that price in full, without any deductions, and the agent got his commission in the form of excess, ie difference between the selling price and asking price, and all possible costs, writes Infobud.

In this case, the seller "sly" indicates that he was not interested in the margin, but the price he receives. In other words, the seller wants a job agent and all costs of the sale were not paid for them who turned to the agent, or commissioned work, and the other party, ie buyer. (Internally or by contract). In this case, as a rule, the other party (the buyer) already has an agent to purchase, whose work on the search facility is also necessary to pay.

Obviously, if the object has already been previously exhibited by the Seller on the market at the monopoly price and the seller was not sold in a stable market, offer an agent working for the excess of that price is a "little interest". Especially in a falling market.

If the work the seller will be paid by the buyer, the agent will defend the interests of the buyer, not seller. And so all of his work will be to convince the seller that the proposed bid price is right.

The classical scheme of the transaction is that each side has its own transaction agent who represents the interests of his party who opposed. As an agent can act and a lawyer who is hired by his side for the transaction.

In addition, perhaps the seller is not addressed to one agent, and to a few. In this case, the seller`s agent begin to compete among themselves, and so obviously bearish price that is not in the interest of the seller. Since fallen to a seller`s price, the seller will be forced to lower its price and, otherwise, the agents run the risk of not getting their commission.

But agents are competing not only among themselves. The strongest competitor for them, in this case, serves the seller itself. Once an agent finds a potential buyer, he arranged the screening facility, but after showing the purchaser may enter into direct negotiations with the seller. Fearful of losing the buyer the seller may agree to sell the object at the price of the seller or below it. In this case, the agent, agreeing to work for a commission in the form of excess risk of the seller`s price does not get it.

As a result, we can say that the offer of the seller agent to sell the facility for the commission, which will be defined as the excess of the price the seller is counterproductive. The seller must understand that contacting an agent, he consign him to his work on the sale of an object to wish them a price that is after the sale must be reduced by the cost of this work, ie the value of the commission agent and the possible costs if they are not included in the commission.
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