EPAM automate the management of real estate in the NBU

09.12.2009 10:20
This is the first such project, implemented in public administration in Ukraine. As a result of the project in the NBU to reduce costs for property management, eliminate duplication of operations for the conduct of internal accounting and reporting for the control of agencies, to ensure prompt receipt of reliable information on real estate.
Thanks to the introduction of solutions "EPAM.Upravlenie real estate" in the NBU has successfully solved the major problem for real estate management. Ensure the expeditious receipt of information on real property, which is now available from two perspectives: architectural (a detailed description and specifications) and the perspective of (the market, accounting, auditing and proper valuation of the object). Significantly reduced the formation time of reporting required for SPF. Supports data exchange between the solution EPAM.Upravlenie real estate and ERP-system, which allowed "associate" real estate and fixed assets. As a result, eliminating duplication of information in different systems, shortened time the inventory of real estate and the preparation of reliable financial statements.

Solution Implementation "EPAM.Upravlenie estate has helped to balance the load on staff and eliminate cases of a" rush job "mode during the reporting period. At the expense of routine accounting transactions and maintaining all necessary information in one system the bank's specialists were able to focus more on monitoring the status of real estate and analysis of ongoing changes.

Tatiana Grimova, head of the automation of financial and business operations, the Department of Information of the National Bank of Ukraine: "For the National Bank of Ukraine, the issue of transparency and reliability of data on all of our assets is essential. In particular this applies to objects of property owned by the bank and its structural units. Solution EPAM.Upravlenie real estate has helped us provide the right level of transparency and reduce the costs of property management. In this case, the NBU is the first public organization in Ukraine, which was the introduction of this functional. "

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