Environmental tuning of real estate: luxury or necessity?

24.09.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Environmental tuning of real estate: luxury or necessity? The word "tuning" occurs most often in terms of motorists. But because the tuning is translated from the English language means setting, adjustment, then the word is used in some other areas.

The phrase "ecological tuning the real estate" should be understood as an arrangement of apartments, jobs, recreation facilities, etc. taking into account the environmental requirements and demands of people.

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In solving all kinds, including environmental, problems often rely on the usual "may blow over." But what should happen to a person, that he began to think seriously over the order in which environmental conditions he gets home, at work, on the street?

- The relevance and importance of existing environmental problems have been undisputed. Everyone agrees that we must deal with environmental protection and improvement of environmental situation is especially topically for urban areas. But, unfortunately, in the bustle of everyday people are needed to address environmental issues as an abstract and distant future. And only when there are unpleasant symptoms (watery eyes, scratchy throat, itchy skin, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and even something more serious), begin to think about ecology and look for hidden sources of malicious activity. Most of the day city dweller spends in the room and is exposed to a large number of different factors: climate, air chemistry and containing suspended solids, electromagnetic fields, noise, vibration, ionizing radiation, biological agents, etc. Therefore, for comfortable living conditions must be favorable as in the workplace and at home.

City dweller daily risk of suffering from a variety of environmental minuses affecting his health. Who will help him improve living conditions?

Within the big city, people live in an intense rhythm about using such a scheme: home - work - shop - a place of rest. The quality of the urban environment affects primarily on well-being. Of course, we are more or less informed about the state of the environment and the need to take care of their health. Man has always possessed the ability to adapt to the natural and built environments. However, it must be remembered that prolonged, intense stress cause reactions that undermine physical health, so about it, we must first take care of themselves.

If you are going to make repairs in an apartment or office, we expect to eventually get the environmentally friendly building. But whether this is feasible dream?

- When repairing the premises to the choice of construction and finishing materials should be treated seriously. Of course, there is nothing safer than wood and other natural materials, but their application, from a technical point of view, is not always possible. A negative impact on many seemingly innocuous things - linoleum, plastics, flooring, carpets, paint, varnish (they often cover the walls and furniture), televisions, computers, telephones, copiers, scanners ... Therefore, the situation is that people everywhere - at work and at home - is constantly exposed to harmful levels of chemicals available to all those that created the modern world to live comfortably. Using our technology of healthy life can solve this problem.

Main idea

As cigarette smoke contains up to 4000 types of chemicals, they are absorbed and accumulate in the tissues of clothing, hair, smoker, then released to the environment an apartment, house or office. Electromagnetic radiation of television screens and computers, electromagnetic fields of household appliances, especially air conditioners work deionized air, making it dead and unfit for respiration. That ions present in the air, removes from the human respiratory suspended particles of dust, etc. According to the Institute of Human Ecology Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, in an ordinary apartment is present up to 150 types of chemical fumes, varnish, paint, glue and particle board furniture, household and anthropotoxins - excreta and domestic animals.

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