Environmental requirements for land and homes

20.11.2010 17:06
Articles about real estate | Environmental requirements for land and homes Recently, a lot of writing about the country cottages: that the construction of them in environmentally protected areas is unacceptable, that they are becoming more and more popular, that the real estate market can offer hundreds of attractive options: It's time to talk about environmental requirements, that apply to land and homes.

Thus, without exception, 'the applicants' real estate near Moscow, have finally committed to realize that one of the most important and valuable documents in circulation a variety of securities is the sanitary certificates are required for each village, cottage, building and finishing material. And if there remain any doubts and questions, to invite experts and a full environmental review of future housing, which involves measuring levels of radiation and electromagnetic radiation, chemical and bacteriological analysis of soil, water and air.

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People who buy suburban property, dream of unbreakable unity with nature and dream, for example, rose early in the morning without fear of ice-cold drink clear water. Only worth it? Living Water from children's fairy tales, as a rule, does not match the chemical and bacteriological surrogate, which flows from the wells, even if equipped with the newest standards. Then calcium and magnesium, sodium, iron, silicon and chlorides, nitrates and nitrites - certainly, in significant concentrations.

The fact that water is not very transparent, not very cool, but still smells of habit blamed on neighboring factories, mines, quarries, etc. of course, their wine is huge. But the trouble is that the owners themselves country houses often do not attach importance to competent operation of water and sewerage systems. But worries abound here. Need to choose the right material for the pipes, because at its contact with water in the last penetrate zinc, lead, copper, cadmium and other rigorous service demands related equipment: pumps, filters, risers, valves and many others

Future owners of town houses they want to breathe in enough air flawless. Atmospheric pollution they rightly associate with the exhaust gases coming from nostrils iron horses - cars, from which the city is no salvation. Therefore, all seeking to build a home away from congested highways, not to breathe in nitrogen oxides, carbon, sulfur, aromatic polycyclic compounds in their various modifications.

Poorly quenched oxygen starvation and near to various industries. Thus, it is very dangerous in its effect of mercury - a unique liquid metal, which accumulates in the soil, water and air. It is clear that because of their gravity, he gradually 'going' in the foundation, floors, basements. Vaporized mercury for decades, methodically saturating the air harmful vapors. Here are some of them, and irritability, and shiver in the body, and weakening of memory. And, unfortunately, it's not so bad compared to the chronic poisoning of mercury vapor when people have loosened the gums, mouth ulcers are formed, teeth fall out, and then disrupt the digestive and nervous systems. Keep in mind that mercury is virtually impossible to remove. Will be no good if the inhabitants of a country house to find tiny balls, throw them in the trash. Because mercury can destroy only with special solutions.

Lucky owners of country cottages are reluctant to remember the hot time of construction and finishing works - due to noise, dirt, endless costs: And very few are thinking as seriously with the deteriorating ecological conditions. In this difficult and nervous time, albeit not for long, but throughout the destructive 'beauty' show themselves asbestos, acetone, lead, etc. etc.

found that 1.2 grams of copper sulfate is sufficient for severe poisoning with an unpredictable outcome.

Even more vindictive asbestos. He is a member of cardboard, paints, insulation materials for pipes and furnaces. When everything is mindlessly smash, spill, or crumbled in the air gets a large number of asbestos fibers, the damage which, despite its temporary pending, is huge: pathology of the lung, breast, abdomen, malfunction of the nervous system, kidneys, blood supply.

The most important factor of ecological harmony is the relative humidity. And if a street performance do nothing, the comforts of home to people completely subservient. Nothing complicated here. It is only necessary to monitor the regulation of humidity and ventilation.

Many owners of houses do not even realize how important the so-called passive ventilation. Being in the dark and fighting for the aesthetic look of your home, we carefully glued to the drawing rooms and condemn dormer windows. Instead of keeping them clean, no litter, and then mount another hole.

Violations of the active air clearer. If the inhabitants of the house complained of feeling unwell or have appeared dermato-respiratory Medicine, worth checking out, not 'grow' is in the basement, bathroom, playroom and pool fungi - microscopic organisms that are multiplying at a fantastic pace, become a hotbed of local bacteriological contamination.

In such infections may be larger, significant sources. In the first case of natural and artificial reservoirs, the blue expanse of which deadens our vigilance. And if you imagine that on the spot of land was formerly a hospital dumping or cattle farm, then, unfortunately, have to think about the epidemiological diseases: dysentery, salmoneleze, plague.

The majority of future owners of suburban property are extremely concerned about radiation levels at their sites. Maximum permissible level of radiation is to Moscow and Moscow Region 10-20 mR / h.

But the problem lies in the fact that this figure, firstly, the relative, and secondly, by itself innocuous. But if you add on here and radiation from the building and finishing materials and construction (concrete, granite, brick, plaster, fillers, ceramics, limestone, tile, etc.) contain naturally occurring radionuclides, this figure, to everyone's dismay, instantly jump several times.

It is well known that radiation is characterized by a long incubation period. Consequently, permanent and long-term stay in the zone of action, no matter how miserable or was ionizing dose, can lead to cancer, radiation sickness, disorders in genetic structures.

'Satellite' of radiation is considered to be poorly studied radioactive inert gas geological origin - radon. About him know for certain only that because of his actions people get 3 / 4 of the total dose of radiation. The main source of radon - the crust. Raspolzayas for its faults, the gas penetrates into the vaults and ventilating systems, drains, voids, cracks, together with the air flow moves across the floors of houses.

Heavy radon is inert, so, fortunately, in open spaces it is dissolved in trace amounts, and therefore not dangerous. But he has another feature - it nonvolatile. Consequently, indoor it accumulates, reliable and long lasting 'preserved' in the soil under the building, as well as in water from underground sources.

Long-term effect of radioactive gas has a negative impact on human health. This compound, and especially its breakdown products enter the body by inhalation and can cause chronic diseases of the respiratory system.

Strong focus of environmental pollution are electromagnetic fields (EMF). Their gubitelnost should be evaluated at least because they are spreading the Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR), built by a scheme similar to the human body.

Peddlers of research is so numerous that are badly inventory. This is primarily electrical equipment of any building: transformers, cable lines that lead to all current residential and nonresidential facilities and so on. But there is power, power lines, radar, radio and television transmitters, cable systems. Over the past five years in various places, including outside the city, rapidly became equipped base stations - the main, transmission mechanism in the cellular radio. Experts, environmentalists still not fully understood, whether they belong, as well as mobile phones, to elektrozagryaznitelyam. In any case these 'neighbors' have shunned.

But in all honesty to admit: even without the base stations of the rest of plenty to the land and the house was covered with a dense electric mist, through which light rays environmentally punched with great difficulty. And this time, EMI surreptitiously undermine people's health. Hence, general fatigue, inactivity, decreased performance, nervous, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems. That is what we must remember us when we fasten in different corners of a few outlets, creating the intricate maze of wires, put on a small table and a microwave and food processor, and a teapot:

Worthy of 'allies' of electromagnetic fields in the environmental contamination of residential premises include formaldehyde and phenol. These highly toxic, volatile gases cause bothersome headaches, allergies, irritation of mucous membranes. Adverse effects of phenol and formaldehyde, which are present in all polymer materials, makes a very responsible approach to the selection of materials for external and internal design a country house.

For example, despite the fact that films with a synthetic covering (vinyl, PVC, self-adhesive) are resistant to noise, humidity, abrasion, preference - especially in children's rooms - should be given to a dense paper wallpaper. Of the variety of linoleum is better to choose coverage with a natural base (felt, jute, pile).

Polymers containing formaldehyde resins having a pronounced odor, which, however, after a week's time should go up in smoke. But this is not always the case. Therefore, we must be very vigilant when buying and installing the wall panels and ceilings.

It should, however, to remark: release of formaldehyde and phenol, this time non-intensive, takes place over a long period - from one month to several years. And it depends on the nature of temperature, humidity, ventilation. Activity ejection of volatile toxins over time, or reduced, or, conversely, increases. Glued decorative trim or panels can initially 'exude' smell, which, however, soon disappear without a trace. But the older you get the walls painted, the greater the probability of hitting the air of phenol and formaldehyde, as happens fairly quickly crack the protective layer.

Now it becomes clear why the polymer materials and products, like no other, persistently require proper and accurate operation. This applies, for example, doors, thresholds, window sills of the ADI. If mechanical damage to the air enters the smallest dust is considered a very strong allergen.

Very fragile and synthetic mineral fibers, which are made of glass, rocks, minerals and are widely used for insulation of attics and pipes.

After construction and finishing works are completed, it comes to choosing furniture, carpets, interior accessories - the lessons enjoyable and exciting. But here the owners of cottages should limit their ambitions and fantasies in order not to multiply the wealth of the polymer.
Newcomers should be consistent: once they have decided to live outside the city, we must leave no regrets with all sources of environmental pollution that accompanied them in the city.
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