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15.02.2010 10:54
<div style="text-align: justify;">Magazine "Country Estate" in conjunction with an independent environmental expert - by "Spano" supported by the Ministry of Environment and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine began to implement a permanent project "Ukrainian environmental rating of cottage townships.<br />The basis of the project is the idea to provide an opportunity for all participants in the real estate market of the country to obtain an objective and reliable information on the state of ecology in the cottage house on the basis of a comprehensive environmental impact assessment.<br />This project is the first step to the principle of transparency, openness and awareness of environmental issues in the selection of properties for the life of the city.<br />The main distinguishing feature of the environmental rating is that to participate in the project can absolutely every object owner suburban real estate, with the necessary documentation, filling out an application to conduct a comprehensive examination.<br />The principle of honesty and objectivity of the project is confirmed by an independent composition of the Council of Experts, established to take stock of ekoreytinga after consideration of the environmental impact assessment. The Expert Council includes representatives of public authorities, independent consultants and researchers whose work is within the competence of the relevant issues raised in the draft.<br />Independent due diligence is conducted within an overall assessment of the impact of the company-builder on the ecological state of the object suburban real estate, but also aims at identifying opportunities for the fullest compliance with environmental safety and comfort of home outside the city. Based on the results of the survey and the relevant protocol, the Expert Council are determined by Nominees for the title winners ekoreytinga.<br />To ensure objectivity in the selection of enterprise developers, the project has also developed a section Ekobiznes. The essence of this section is that, if an integrated environmental assessment of any removable meet the requirements of Ukrainian legislation to the individual parameters of the object-town real estate company "Spano" gives party-applicant complex technical solutions to address identified deficiencies.<br />Winners of the All-Ukrainian environmental rating "and the relevant examination results will be published in the journal" Residential Real Estate "and the site www.cottage-ua.com</div>
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