Environmental problems and their solution

03.12.2010 04:35
Articles about real estate | Environmental problems and their solution In the late 80's already the last century, I first built a large and spacious, as it was then, and dreamed of a house in the current, narrower line of Kiev. The complex is close Soviet communal apartments and is inherent in every person of my generation and older. Therefore, my house was enormous, with tall ceilings, spacious rooms, flowing spaces, bay windows, the second light and other architectural delights, the full and inherent in the current construction of the individual. Built, strictly speaking, a team of builders. I was a "builder" - that is, idea, sketch, plan, provision of materials, coordination, etc. Today, the principal amount of private houses, built exactly the same.
Then I, like most right now is not reflected on the environmental quality of materials used to build, to optimize the heat (remember how much cost gas and electricity in 1988-1991). The main thing for me then was the number of square meters in my house and came up with my plan. In that house, I fortunately do not live.

Much later, in view of their duties in the field of alternative and renewable energy sources, and as an inquisitive person, I was interested in physical processes occurring in the home. After examining them, began to look closely to modern palaces and villas, rapidly erected around Kiev. And I realized that, despite the rapidly increasing diversity of modern building materials and technologies, is alive and rejoice in each of us is a Soviet inferiority complex close small apartments and cheap energy. Built from modern materials such as, apparently smart (to the extent of individual cultural development) and the huge house, as built, and myself. But the same flawed. Just noticed this very foreign architects, expressing their opinion in a conversation: "You do not build houses, and toxic thermoses or luxury refrigerated warehouses.

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Have not you noticed while driving along the outskirts of towns and cities, how much has already abandoned brick boxes with gaping lapses of windows and signs of neglect? But a lot of money invested in a number of concrete, masonry, excavation, work equipment and so on. In fact, most of this money is buried in the ground and thrown to the wind. And among the ready-made, newly constructed homes, are rare structure, causing its architecture respect, not pity and bewilderment.

In our minds firmly embedded shaped intrusive advertising stereotype construction of a modern cottage - bricks, cellular concrete, aerated concrete, mineral wool, insulated attic, vapor and gidrobarery, Block House, plastic siding, 2-3, and even 4 floors, a large number of rooms, laminate on the floor tile. The best option is heating gas boiler with an automatic, electric or water "warm floor" water convection heaters, elektroboylery. Roofing necessarily metal or shingles type Katepal. In the cheaper option "evroshifer" - pressboard impregnated with phenol formaldehyde. Here's to it and seek to practically all developers. " And most of them in the cold winter move from their houses to urban apartments with central heating or strongly heated by 1-2 rooms (available from 09/07), where a rest, eat and sleep. Those who heats the whole house probably can afford such a costly pleasure - warm environment. The house, a thermos of styrofoam for heating spent less, but to breathe in that house, especially in winter, is much harder and more harmful. We have obtained so that high capital exterior walls (concrete, brick, slag-foam-blocks, etc.) combined with extremely low energy efficiency and ecology, creating big problems in the operation and well-being of residents. And the ads we are constantly presents new and emerging technological solutions and expertise. For example, how to build a house in which there is no air, and what then install the air conditioning system, ventilation, ozonizing, ionization, hydration, etc.
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