Environmental impact assessment cottage town «Plutovo»

15.02.2010 10:30
In a press tour participated CEO, "Avatar" Arthur Zhitinevich, CEO Sergei Motev, Deputy Director of Marketing and Sales Marina Baranets, journalists of the leading publications on real estate and business press ..
A welcoming speech was delivered by the head of the country real estate portal www.cottage-ua.com, organizer of the First International Exhibition and Forum "Residential Real Estate-2007" and the project manager Second All-Ukrainian competition of independent cottage village-2007 "Victor Kovalenko.

- Residential real estate and cottage building are among the most promising segments of the real estate market, which are in the buyers and investors in high demand. When selecting the country real estate buyers prefer ecology, but, unfortunately, on the "active information is not enough. This is due to the fact that the developers of cottage townships do not want to spend additional funds to improve the situation, to eliminate the negative effects. Appeal cottage town "Plutovo" to the independent auditor-company "Span" is an indication of honesty, openness of the company for future buyers.

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Assessment of environmental safety of residence in the cottage house gave the director of "Span" Alexander Malitsky.

1. I believe that developers should deal with the ecology at the stage of choice land, research and design works, construction. Last but not least the role played by landscape design and landscaping the site.

The main objective of integrated environmental assessment, which should take place in the cottage house, should be to evaluate the impact of the environment on the "infrastructure on the living conditions of the town residents.
Under examination is carried out the study of geological and hydrogeological conditions of the site; analysis of projects on environmental security, the study of individual environmental parameters (air, surface and groundwater, soil, flora and fauna, the physical fields, noise, vibration.
Cottage is not the town operates on the environment, and then, in turn, to him.

Environmentalist expert of "Span" Svetlana Nesterenko briefed those present on the initial environmental survey of the town "Plutovo. The specialist performed field measurements and selected samples of land, water, air, construction materials for an environmental audit of the town "Plutovo. There have been measurements of noise, radiation contamination.

1. Disadvantage in the cottage town "Plutovo is the transit through the highway near Kiev-Ukrainian. It causes noise and chemical pollution. The developer plans to construct a noise screens to protect the inhabitants from the discomfort. One wall of the town rests in the old cemetery, which does not affect the quality of groundwater. The dose of gamma rays did not reveal in the town of sources of ionizing radiation.

Victor Kovalenko
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