Environmental cleanliness of your apartment

07.02.2011 00:00
If you are going to buy an apartment, we tried to take into account and check everything to the smallest detail. We are interested in the location of the apartment, the age of home, quality finish, layout, condition of plumbing and pipes. But one very important aspect of life we often forget. When buying an apartment to check its environmental cleanliness. Now it is not difficult to find an expert to verify the environmental cleanliness of your apartment. Examination of a professional will cost you about 10-15 thousand rubles. That will check a specialist before you give you an opinion?

* State of ventilation in the apartment
* The quality of tap water

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* The existence of harmful electromagnetic radiation
* Background radiation
* The existence of noxious fumes in the air

Some of these procedures, you can successfully carry out themselves, if for some reason, a specialist contact you have no opportunity.

1. To make sure that the ventilation works well enough to find all the vents and bring them a match. The flame should respond to the current of air. If it does not move and ventilation in the house is broken, you can hardly recover it, so beware of buying an apartment. About the poor ventilation also shows mold on the walls, the faithful companion of high humidity.
2. First, we estimate the water from the tap just to the eye. If it is cloudy and has an unpleasant smell - it is not worth checking out. And if the type of water is clear and is not suspicious, it is desirable to test it in more detail. You can purchase specific indicators of harmful impurities in the water (they look like litmus paper and sold in specialty stores) and omit the indicators in the water. The procedure is simple and accessible even unprofessional.
3. Electromagnetic radiation is better to check the specialist, since without a special device there is not enough. This is especially true for older homes where walls can be hidden from the entire web posting.
4. The background radiation - also lot of professionals. True, you can buy for fairly little money (2-3 thousand rubles) a special device - a dosimeter, which will show you the presence of harmful radiation.
5. Here is a sample of air is often not included even in the examination, carried out by professionals, for it must pay separately, so it is time consuming and complicated. But you can assess the potential need for such expertise - whether in the house large basement, whether a house near the roadway, whether around the house greenery. If the air around the structure is sufficiently pure, such an examination, you may not be necessary. And if the windows are constantly beeping machines, and trees in the area is not visible, be sure to check the condition of air in the apartment.

Only after verification of environmental cleanliness apartment, you are going to fly, you can light-heartedly decide to purchase, in full confidence that the new place of residence of your health is not threatened.

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