Enactment of the classification of land will lead to higher prices by almost 50%

06.09.2010 18:20
Articles about real estate | Enactment of the classification of land will lead to higher prices by almost 50% Ministry of Regional Development has proposed to introduce the following division of land in Russia: the plots, which will be allowed to build houses and commercial buildings, gardens, where you can grow any fruit crops, as well as to build non-residential buildings, and garden plots on which to ban construction of any facilities and planting of fruit trees.

Thus, the Ministry is actually going to ban individual housing construction (IZHS) on agricultural lands and lands outside the boundaries of settlements.

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At the same time, many cottage settlements were built on land that is not allocated for housing, but under selhozyaystvennye needs. What is the fate of these sites, how will be implemented by the bill "On amendments to legislative acts in part to clarify the legal regime for gardening, horticulture and suburban land, and what to expect ordinary citizens - to these and other issues have attempted to answer the experts polled by RIA News - Real Estate.

Urgent transfer of land

According to Director of Development MOZAIK Development, Dmitry Makarov, the emergence of such a project in one form or another all been waiting for, since there is a division of land into categories and types of permitted uses has been a number of controversial points that have not been registered letter of the law.

"For example, in the existing legislation virtually spelled the terms of use of land, with the category of agricultural land and the permitted use under the country house construction," - says Makarov.

Those without any "malicious intent" used as individual site owners who built them their homes, and many development companies, were built on these lands, cottage villages of different classes - from the "economy" to "premium," he adds.

For example, according to the corporation Inkom Real Estate, is currently on the market of country building suburbs about 50% of settlements built on agricultural lands, and not for private habitation.

"This allows us to start building much sooner and more cost object that allows you to implement a program of affordable housing in Russia", - the head office "Preobrazhenskoe" Department of suburban real estate company "Inkom-real estate, Valery Lukin.

In his view, if the bill is adopted, developers will have to urgently engage in transfer of land from one category to another, leading to higher prices ares for 3-5 thousand dollars.

"Then, as now in the Moscow area the average cost of 10-12 thousand dollars per hundred square meters. In addition, the procedure for transfer of land will take at least two years. Thus, in signing this bill can be expected appreciation of the land by almost 50% and a significant delay time to complete projects, "- said Lukin.

Who did not - that was late

And according to CEO "Beautiful Land" Elijah Sapunova, in the current version of the bill has a lot of small contradictions, which allow you to treat it as a favor, and not in favor of the truckers.

"For example, on the basis of the bill, it turns out that if the construction of houses on the site began before the entry into force - at the moment, this period is defined as 1 January 2011 - the house is not covered under the law and not prohibited" - he explains.

But who will be able to determine exactly when construction began - before or after the deadline, asks Sapunov.

"It is often the owner of the plot begins to build his house almost immediately after the purchase, but for different reasons, the process stretches on for years" - he said.

In this Lukinov draws attention to how differently affects the law to the owners of the plots.

"Those who managed to register the land and a house on her property, may be nothing to fear. The law is not retroactive, and the risks they have none. But those who has been under construction and still in the process of paperwork, there will problems with obtaining property rights and gasification, "- he points out.

Such sites will lose their liquidity, as will become clear how to sell them without the right of ownership, summarizes Lukin.

Long-standing issues
As noted by Makarov from MOZAIK Development, the issue of bringing order to the land classification and accurate identification of opportunities for their development is long overdue.

In this case, you need to do everything possible to at restoring order were not injured or the owners of individual houses built or under construction at such sites, or development companies leading the construction of cottage settlements on the land allotted for the country house construction, he adds.

At the same time Sapunov indicates the imperfection of the bill, so its impact on ordinary people will depend on how it will be updated.

"The bill states that in the garden area can be placed only farm buildings and structures not intended for the residence of citizens. However, the legislation is no clear distinction between the buildings, designed and intended to stay", - complains Sapunov.

For example, a small house, where the annexe can live pets, and the second floor - quite a living "- to which category it belongs in terms of legislation, ask an expert.

"If the law is approved in a version close to the present, wondering how to begin to develop law enforcement. One can not state that will collapse the market villas. It is likely that the new rules for developers who sell land, and the cottagers have engaged in collection and preparation of additional documentation "- adds Sapunov.

However, it is unlikely to be critical for the parties, he said.

"It is unlikely that lawmakers will go for something to tinker with the market so that many citizens will be deprived of opportunities to buy land and build a cottage for them on reasonable terms," - concludes Sapunov.
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